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    MIS / ERP for Packaging HiFlow ERP for the packaging industry

    In 2021, packaging companies are poised to continue the growth that took place in 2020. Investigating an ERP for the packaging industry that will enhance growth is a goal for many companies HiFlow Solutions has made providing an ERP for packaging industry a priority and seeks to be a partner with those seeking information on how ERPS and MIS systems can provide gains for smart packaging entrepreneurs in the 2020s.

    What is an ERP for Packaging?

    Modern MIS and ERP systems come to the rescue, boosting the efficiency of data management and business decision making.  Print MIS solutions have completely evolved from these times, and do so much more than that now. They are a complete end-to-end solution for everything from sales and marketing, to production and delivery and everything in between. the end-to-end functionality their software provides. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – You may also see this term used interchangeably with ‘MIS’ and ‘WMS’ because it also describes software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities. Indeed there are some very large printing companies that use ERP solutions.While it’s clear that WMS is a better description of an MIS solution, you will find both phrases still being used for SEO purposes.MIS (Management Information System) is a consolidated information base that stores all available data about finances, operational activities, personnel, and working processes of an enterprise. 

    The main role of this software type is the collection, storage, processing, and distribution of data, drawing up data-based reports, and providing information support for management decisions. The major features include analytical forecasting, long-term and current planning, practical control of operations. 

    ERP is used to plan and automate business processes. This system uses data so that it becomes possible to predict certain business development outcomes and make appropriate decisions. 

    An ERP for the Packaging Industry –

    Now that we know the difference, what does an ERP for packaging Industry offer? How would an ERP help your commercial printing plant?

    HiFlow MIS / ERP for packaging offers:

    • The ability to quickly generate estimates for a variety of applications and then feed them into a system that can monitor and report your workflow right through to fulfillment.
    • A system created to identify and relieve the pressure points and bottlenecks within your business.
    • Solutions that can continue to develop and evolve with your company.
    • A company with over 22 years of providing solutions to the packaging industry. The team consists entirely of people with a background in the packaging and IT.
    • A partner dedicated to help you implement real savings to your business.

    HiFlow’s systems are modular and highly configurable so we can tailor the right system to the right business environment. Modules integrate with one another so it’s easy to start with the main system and add more options as you learn and progress with us.

    HiFlow Solution offers tools are ERP for packaging industry options. Our solutions reduce costs, improve productivity and help you grow your business.

    • HiFlow’s powerful product configuration allows you to generate accurate estimates for any job, with fewer touches
    • CRM tools allow your sales reps manage your sales pipeline and keep track of customer communications
    • Shop Floor Data Collection through our MES can keep your reports in real time
    • Workflow tools to manage artwork, dies and tools, warehouse, purchasing

    Still Not Convinced?

    Your business is unique, and we get that. Showing you our MIS / ERP packaging platform isn’t going to give you a full picture of what we can do for you. That’s why we offer, NUMBER ONE, a customized demo, based on the capacities and capabilities of YOUR company, not just a generic demo. This takes one or two of your main products and shows how it’s processed through a complete cycle from quote to invoice. SECOND, we offer an on-site workflow analysis, an in depth look at your machines, staff, processes–and your goals. And it’s free to you. Let’s start a conversation!

    Why Us?

    HiFlow is a flexible MIS Packaging services provider, developed to automate the processes from estimate through production to invoicing designed by our industry experts for packaging, label, and print production. HiFlow MIS packaging module allows real time data from sensors to compare estimate, job ticket with actual production costs.

    HiFlow’s consultative approach seeks to understand your packaging company’s unique set of challenges, problems and needs FIRST. Then, our goal is to build a positive relationship by solving packaging and label industry problems–from modernization and expansion of your business, to inventory and factory logistics, scheduling functionality, to workflow and production issues.  We sell a solution, not a product.

    What Our Clients Say

    I wanted one complete solution. When I saw HiFlow, with all its capabilities, it did not take me long to recognize that I had found my solution I knew we could get more personal attention.

    One of my biggest frustrations was calculating the WIP, which took a day and a half at the end of every month, and what we got was just a guestimate. With HiFlow, end of month accounting processes take minutes, is exact and up to date.

    Dale Ford, Colonial Printing, Mailing, Packaging

    We chose Hiflow to realize the promise of a more customized solution, built specifically for our business, without pages upon pages of features – originally added for other companies – which we don’t need.

    We also wanted a fully integrated solution with one centralized database instead of multiple, loosely connected databases. Hiflow’s superior BI reporting tools helped finalize our decision.

    Peter Anton, Bradford & Bigelow 

    What Makes HiFlow MIS Better?

    HiFlow Solutions
    • At the core of our system is our exclusive workflow diagram that offers real workflow visibility of the production process, even the most complex packaging or POP product
    • Scheduling—simplified. Workflow diagrams easily show the sequence of events in the progress of the job, so scheduling every process is a cinch.
    • Harmoniously coordinate procedure paths that make sure everything is performed according to standard procedure adopted by the company i.e., ISO 9001, TQM
    • A licensing model based on our customer’s REAL SAVINGS–the result of HiFlow Solutions system implementation before/after comparisons.
    • Our CRM module makes visible to management all interactions between prospects and sales, customers and sales, and customers and customer service
    • Our Customer Portal allows REAL TIME updates of, for example, Proof Out/Proof Approved to customers and company personnel
    • Cost tracking in REAL TIME. Our software tracks real material consumption, shop floor data and supplier connectivity, i.e., if a supplier’s price goes up or down, estimating and purchasing will see the data in REAL TIME
    • Greater profitability in areas of production by recording REAL TIME data. Management now has viewability of the metrics gathered by the software and can make informed decisions, such as necessary employee training, or machine repair/maintenance/replacement
    • Not just one, but a team of dedicated implementation specialists will insure a faster Go Live. Our team is printing professionals, each versed in specialty areas of packaging, label production and all types of commercial printing. 
    • Fast order processing. Conversion from estimate to job is quick, as calculations and workflow diagrams are brought live for customer service, planning, scheduling, shop floor in REAL TIME

    OVERVIEW video HiFlow Solutions

    Is HiFlow the correct fit for your company? How does it work? What kind of features does it offer? Watch a brief overview.

    How is HiFlow different from other MIS/ERP systems? What is a workflow analysis? How do I know if you can help my company? I have more questions…We would love to answer your questions and find out all about your company and its needs.

    Which Option is Right for You?

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