Production specifics

Corrugated packaging market is a still dynamically developing area. Cardboard is used for production of a wide range of both unit and collective packaging refined to various degrees.
The technological sequence necessary for packaging production may require using one machine or over ten technological work units on which the material is subject to printing, finishing and die cutting to obtain a finished product.
In order to meet the customers’ requirements, print houses invest into the more and more modern machines. The latest equipment often enables simultaneous performance of many processes during one pass of printed sheet through the machine.

Problems and Challenges

The packaging printers must meet various requirements from their clients, in the case of packaging for pharmaceutical and food industries it is necessary to meet a range of requirements related to quality maintenance systems, additional challenges are also related to production of goods from raw materials certified in accordance with the FSC and PEFC. Implementation of these requirements without proper information system supporting the users in creation and making records is very difficult.
Cooperation with large recipients forces packaging printers to participate in numerous public tenders which require developed preparation and price list including numerous editions and versions, the tools enabling not only preparation of a reliable quotation but also flexible change of prices as a result of negotiations. All these and many more challenges can be easily faced with the help of our system.

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