Digital Printing

Production specifics

The strength of digital print houses lies in their offer of low-cost printing of a small edition product. Printing several or even one copy of a book, a colorful album, a leaflet or business cards, any number of booklets or brochures does not constitute a problem. Time is an additional asset. There are no tape leaders, we do not have to prepare plates and set up machines. Client may be served on an ad hoc basis.

Problems and Challenges

Format limitation may be a problem, but it results from the technology specifics. However, digital machines producers announce a system printing in B2 format (50x70), meaning not only changes in digital printing technology but also competition for offset machines.
Many print houses offering traditional printing acquire digital systems in order to meet demanding expectations of their clients in connection with low editions and short production time for orders. Quality of digital machine print is already of such high quality that it meets requirements of demanding clients.

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