Flexible Packaging

Production specifics

Flexible packaging is a product made of foil which has several different functions. It must protect a product, constitute a barrier against external factors, allow for its identification, often specify its ingredients. Currently packaging are more than just information and protection – they are used for marketing activities, advertising product by attracting the consumers attention. Their task is also to prove the quality of product and to enforce its brand.
The concept of flexible packaging covers the whole group of products including both welded products as well as delivered in a roll, products with one-, two- and multi-layered construction. The packaging production process is commenced at the stage of foil pressing where the adjustment of proper pellets composition defines the parameters of the finished products. The timely supply of packaging and their quality often decide on production flow of large technology lines, therefore error elimination, precise workmanship and production time are of crucial importance.
Flexible packaging production is performed mainly using the flexography print method on a narrow or wide web using solvent or UV cured inks. They are completed by packaging coating and welding processes. Packaging is also produced using gravure technology as well as hybrid technologies, e.g. using offset presses with exchangeable printing cylinders with the additional flexographic components.

Problems and Challenges

Packaging is not an independent product and creates only an element for production of other goods value of which is many times higher than the packaging value. This component is often used by automated production and packing lines and its lack or defect may cause losses of ten thousand currency units for each hour of delay.
Therefore, in the case of packaging production timely delivery of orders, supply chain control, production planning well in advance are even more important than in other printing specifications.
At the same time each newly implemented packaging must be properly prepared before production launch. The technology preparation of packaging is not limited to specifying graphic design and dimensions. The key factor usually is the packaging destination which decides on the used substrate, order and composition of the used foil, pellet content.
At the same time the packaging price, more than in any other printing production, is affected by the cost of used materials. Therefore, the analysis of waste stemming from the production process and their proper estimation during initial calculation are of key importance for the print shop profitability.

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