Production specifics

A label is a product made of foil or paper located immediately on the product or on its packaging in order to identify or specify its content. Currently labels are more than just information – they are used for marketing activities, advertising product by attracting the consumers attention. Their task is also to prove the quality of product and to strengthen its brand. A separate, very specific group are the labels for pharmaceutical sector which besides the aesthetic label requirements must also meet a range of additional demands.
There are many types of labels produced using various techniques of printing and materials having various sizes and shapes. Therefore, high quality of print, precise workmanship and production time are of crucial importance.
Labels production occurs mainly using the flexography print on adhesive substrates of foils and papers. The technology is based on using flexible relief printing forms. The labels printing is performed in a roll-to-roll system, resulting in a roll of labels which may then be cut and forwarded to the customer in the form of smaller rolls for further use in the packaging production. Labels are produced also using the offset technology – in such case the finished labels are delivered to the customer in the form of scored sheets.

Problems and Challenges

A label most often is not a separate product, but a component used by the print house customer in the consecutive automated processes. Therefore, production of labels requires wider scope of cooperation with the client than other kinds of printing production. A print house often receives only the assumptions for a graphic design and prepares the final version of production files by itself. The arrangements are not however limited to works on graphic design. Labels production requires precise and explicit arrangements while specifying type of substrate, shape and size of the label, gaps between the labels, its winding method. For graphic design, technical requirements and implementation schedule on the customer side, three different persons must often be responsible, and coordination of the whole project becomes the print house responsibility.
In addition, during the labels production, a proper identification of goods and also the batch from which the given product originates are particularly important. These issues become critical in the case of pharmaceutical sector due to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements regarding any components (including labels) used in the pharmaceutical production process.
The labels production process sees problems typical for any other types of printing production – related to timely performance of orders, products quality, customer communication problems.

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