Large Format Printing

Production specifics

Large format means production of posters, banners, billboards, bitmaps, city-lights, back-lights, signboards, tables, photograph wallpapers, roll-ups. Production may take place on large format digital machines – plotters, either sheetfed or web-fed, on different substrates, both paper and synthetic. Some of the products may be made using the traditional offset technique on large format sheetfed printing presses using the especially prepared paper.
The largest format products often consist of many elements connected at the production place or assembled at the exposition location.

Problems and Challenges

Large format printing first of all requires appropriate machine facilities supporting the required formats. Image generating techniques generally do not differ from those used in other areas of printing, however, the products scale requires some skill and experience in handling the problems arising e.g. from the necessity of permanent and damage resistant connection of large-sized elements in accordance with the product weight and weather conditions at the exhibition location. Other problem stems from the necessity of proper completion of elements sets necessary for production of a finished product at the exhibition location as well as proper management of products mutations (e.g. exchange of singular panels in billboards).
In the case of production using traditional offset technique another problem is the extensive use of waste paper for machine preparation which in the case of small editions may even exceed the number of production sheets; proper accounting of these amounts is of large importance as the prices of printing paper constantly grow. After production it is also necessary to properly save and forward information on a number of receivers to whom the product is submitted for its installation at the exhibition location.

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