Magazine Printing

Production specifics

A magazine is, in other words, a periodical or serial publication. It is usually published within specified time limits, under the same title with serial numbering. It includes specified graphic design, usually fixed volume and format. The content includes articles on specified subject from many authors, however their language versions and regional mutations may vary.
Substrates used for printing of magazines are offset paper and coated paper, which are printed on using letterpress, offset and gravure printing. In order to enrich and make the appearance more interesting, various enhancements are applied.

Problems and Challenges

The magazines market is very competitive, in order to be recognized on the market an interesting and excited content as well as aesthetic and eye-catching look are needed. Moreover, large parts of periodicals are used by adverts. Some of them are the main source of the publisher's income. For maintaining the advertising account, it is extremely important to well align the publishing and production processes ensuring timely edition of the magazine.
The magazine publishing is a complex process covering both substantive and technical preparation. Due to its complexity there are few entities implementing all the stages of publishing and technological processes. The substantive and production preparation or finishing processes are performed by separate enterprises or are ordered from cooperating firms. Integration and aligning in time of all the processes is a big challenge for the persons engaged in the whole publishing undertaking.

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