Our Story

Who We Are

HiFlow provides flexible software business management solutions that help label, flexographic, packaging and commercial and book producers operate more efficiently and profitably. We have a history of success built on more than twenty years of helping our customers grow their businesses around the globe, implementing automation strategies, and providing customized solutions for our clients.
We deliver a range of services for our clients, including development: A team of developers that will customize our MIS to fit their unique needs. Our approach is consultative: we do extensive examinations of existing systems, produce a workflow study and ROI evaluation to show actual metrics on how a company can increase its profitability by using HiFlow.

What We Do

Our systems help labels and packaging producers function more effectively at every stage—from sales and estimating, graphic design, and CSR, to scheduling and production, logistics, warehousing, and quality control. Employees can perform their tasks anywhere and at any time on mobile or tablet devices allowing greater freedom and flexibility. Tasks and machines can be viewed in real time; our software features are visible and easy for employees to interact with and use.

What Makes Us Different

• We develop software systems that are highly customized for operations with complex packaging or POP production processes.
• We have a deep understanding of the complexities of label and packaging production, backed by decades of global experience.
• We have an original implementation methodology where teams of project managers create clear processes, structures and goals.
• Our process ensures that productions environments meet all industry standards and requirements, including, but not limited to GMP, ISO , MDR, OSHA, FDA, FDC. We can assist with all aspects of your validation requirements.
• We offer the ultimate in customization with our team of developers that can ensure a perfect fit to your company’s needs

How We Help

• We implement - fast. The HiFlow system combines MIS and MES software with easy ERP integration.
• We fill your ERP gaps. By integrating ERP systems with MIS/MES features for packaging and label printing.
• We create automated environments. With seamless connections from order intake to shipping and invoicing.
• We feed you data. With insights from real-time data from production shop floor, personnel, and equipment.
• We let you see. From smart scheduling to nested layouts to workflow diagrams, instantly see your entire job.