6 ways a Packaging Industry MIS/ERP Creates Lean Workflows

How an MIS/ERP for Packaging Enhances Profits

Looking at an ERP for the packaging industry to enhance your business’s productivity and plant management?

Start by taking a quick look around at what you have, and then begin looking at some cutting edge solutions that can help your packaging or label company become more efficient. 

A smart automated workflow is a key part of a strategy to identify and then end the wasted time that takes place as a project moves from quote to final invoicing.  The ideal software packaging can systemize processes and dramatically cut down on waste.

In a nutshell, MIS is the collection of information and reporting – it is all about control. ERP is the tool for the practical implementation of business processes and production, analysis of the current business data and forecasting of its future development. That is, it’s more about direct control. 

Two ways to control your packaging company. HiFlow Solutions does it all, and is a partner in your future growth.


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Estimating optimization is key–connecting estimating to your workflow

Estimating is the foundation of your business. Yet, one of the major areas where excess time is spent is in creating the estimate and moving it on to planning and scheduling. Links to raw materials inventory are not connected to the estimating program.  Old jobs need to be re-keyed in. Dies and tools need to be searched for.

Let your software packaging do what it does best: systematize everything that is possible to systematize. In HiFlow, for example, this means configuring templates and a comprehensive die and tool library. All of the parameters below come from a database, therefore, creating an estimate is easy. 

Once a user has all the data for a specific job, all that needs to be done in an ideal ERP system is to click on several pull down tabs with parameters and the estimate is complete with costs and pricing. Onboarding can then continue on to Quote, Purchase Order, then Job. With just a few clicks, and without reentering information, an MIS system quickly onboards the job, and moves it on to production planning. 

Estimating is often where profits are made, but also lost. Having software packaging that can compare estimated vs. actual costs is a big bonus that will continually refine the estimating process. 

Packaging industry ERP that automates manual processes

Not only are processes to be linked together, but users should see that everything is working, or see when it is not. All authorized users should have instant and constant access to the information they need to immediately, without having to search for it.

A diagrammatic representation of information is a practical way to communicate information in the workflow to the majority of users. Through software packaging, like HiFlow, automation can save time, with features such as a diagram that visually presents job information. The flowchart style of workflow representation is simple and understandable. 

By automating the workflow, taking tasks that took hours due to a collection of manual processes, down to mere minutes, converting operations of all sizes can find even more ways to improve their service levels. Workflow systems not only enable the automation of repetitive tasks but also captures complex processes and replacing ad-hoc approaches.

Software that facilitates collaboration in packaging industry

Your entire staff is a team, which works together. Having access to a common base of information facilitates this. HiFlow’s Workflow Diagram illustrates the entire job in its one screen. Materials, machines, people, documents, tools and any other part or process is represented. 

 Further, all the information is then reposited into the data base; the job can then be accessed by other departments and has accurate real time information. All members of the business team now have accurate, up to date information to use when collaborating on a job.

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CONTROL – instant access to all print jobs data

Information from each job or project is stored in the database where the job is continually updated with data in real time – data from the estimate, from any changes planning makes, adjustments to scheduling and production providing high levels of automation in end-to-end configurations controlling all aspects of production and administration.

The purpose of MIS/ERP software is to tie together and automate your business processes to ensure that data flows seamlessly between each process. A good ERP for the packaging industry eliminates data duplication and provides data integrity with a single source of truth. In addition, it provides instant access to the information that matters most to each user.

It allows for swifter decision-making since all data is now in real time, giving management control over fiscal decisions with the information provided. 

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Accurate and timely reporting tools for MIS / ERP Packaging

The ideal software for packaging management includes a robust reporting tool.  Automating as many processes as possible saves packaging companies more than you might think. Information for business reports does not have to wait until the end of the month, and it need not take hours and hours of printing reports and making redundant computations. An ideal ERP for packaging includes reporting that can analyze data and present it in a visual format.

For example, in HiFlow MIS, the raw data is already there in the database. Management can get a single, go-to data catalog to find, understand, and use the data source to gain insights into job processes, people, materials, sales performance, and more. 

A unique MIS, like HiFlow, can provide costing for each job on three levels: the estimated cost, production cost and ACTUAL cost. With actual costing, management can stay on track with tight profit margins. And you know exactly where the company is off track.  All that is needed is to pull up data through HiFlow’s comprehensive analytic tools and reporting feature.   

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Software packaging

Tracking tooling in packaging manufacturing

What is more frustrating than not being able to find a die or tool? How much time is wasted when shop floor does not know exact locations or dies? Or, if you find it, the tool is broken, but the job needs to run NOW.

Packaging companies can avoid unplanned downtime by having an organizational system set up for dies and tools, where it is also continuously updated by your packaging software. In HiFlow, for example, this means configuring templates and a comprehensive die and tool library. Estimators should see data on the tools they select for the project/job. Smart software links information from tool and die libraries with job creation and estimating.

Does your management software have a separate feature for listing and tracking tools? Having a tools registry allows shop floor personnel to easily located dies and tools. Name, location, production parameters, status and PDF file should be part of a systematic plan that will save time, and money. 

Once the job is created, tools info is available to shop floor personnel on a readily viewable graphic, in HiFlow called the workflow diagram, so authorized users can see and know where it is and when it’s needed, and if it needs replacing.

Time. Saved. 

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