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    Packaging Software Optimizes Processes

    Deploying packaging software will be key this challenging year to optimize business processes and minimize production downtime. As we navigate this year, the need to meet market needs for packaging industry leaders will become critical. Packaging companies must also be able to pivot quickly as conditions shift and change in 2021. What’s more, packaging manufacturers must be flexible enough to support new products, formats, regulatory requirements, and client demands. The demand for ‘connected packaging’ will continue to grow. Managing packaging regulations and compliance, track and trace, and the ability to generate better insights into costs are what is driving packaging software in 2021. HiFlow MIS software for packaging manufacturers offers technology that addresses all these needs.

    Packaging Software
    Packaging Software

    Packaging Software: 5 Ways an MIS/ERP Optimizes Workflow

    HiFlow Solutions prides itself on offering state-of-the-art software for the print and packaging industry for clients across the globe. Our world-class solutions are tailored for businesses to improve ROI, ensure efficiency, and facilitate better resource management. Customer satisfaction is our top priority which is why are loved by our clients from all over the world thanks to our leading class packaging software and other solutions. Here are a few ways HiFlow can increase productivity and minimize your downtime:

    1. One, fluid end-to-end system

    With end-to-end integration from estimating through scheduling, production, shipping, and accounting, HiFlow facilitates the collection and sharing of information as per client preference. This smart package software is able to automate workflows and optimize packaging operations by recommending and planning the most efficient allocation of resources

    • Complete end-to-end business integration
    • One integrated system that removes touch points and increases efficiencies
    • Business Intelligence and ‘smart’ packaging software
    • Remote CRM and customer portal tools
    • Estimating and production scheduling for label, folding carton, and flexible packaging workflows
    Packaging Software
    Packaging Software

    2. Automation across all business departments

    • Shared information accelerates workflows and reduces errors
    • Visibility increases into the profitability of materials, jobs, customers, and more
    • ‘Smart’ software can automate scheduling and plant optimization
    • Maintains lean inventories, track inventory movement and WIP 

    3. Information in a single, central database

    By centralizing the company’s information in one dynamic database, HiFlow promotes effective sharing and communication between departments, among employees, and even externally to and from valued customers. With centralized data management, businesses can optimize processes and cut their overall costs. Compared to maintaining multiple systems, the maintenance of a single, central server is far more efficient especially if a company has operations in multiple locations

    • Collect, store and retrieve information in a single system safely, while having complete access across the company.
    • Eliminate manual processing of data
    • Secure and control data for regulatory compliance
    • Data is always up to date, and available in real time
    • A central repository of data allows operational efficiency

    4. A graphical interface that is logical and intuitive

    HiFlow Workflow Diagram populates job information and workflow after an estimate is created. The information from the job is then stored in the database where the job is continually updated with data – data from the estimate, from any changes planning makes, adjustments to scheduling and production providing high levels of automation in end-to-end configurations controlling all aspects of production and administration. Shop floor can access any job information instantly.

    It allows for swifter decision-making since all data is now in real time. As the workflow diagram continues to do its job and similar jobs run in your plant, the AI in the system continually assesses data and will ultimately optimizes production workflow.

    5. Business Intelligence is instantly available

    Know information about when and why downtime occurs. Managers and decision-makers are able to quickly report on and analyze their company’s information from an enterprise-wide view, down to very specific report criteria through a variety of visual performance dashboards. HiFlow’s advanced reporting feature feeds management information critical to solving downtime issues. With visual ‘what-if’ scenario generators, they can easily understand the potential effects of changing workflow parameters to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

    What are you waiting for? Check out our world-class manufacturing and management solutions to increase your packaging business productivity and decrease downtime in your plant.

    Packaging SoftwareHiFlow Solutions

    What Our Clients Say

    I wanted one complete solution. When I saw HiFlow, with all its capabilities, it did not take me long to recognize that I had found my solution. I knew we could get more personal attention.

    One of my biggest frustrations was calculating the WIP, which took a day and a half at the end of every month, and what we got was just a guestimate. With HiFlow, end of month accounting processes take minutes, is exact and up to date.

    Dale Ford, Colonial Printing, Mailing, Packaging

    We chose Hiflow to realize the promise of a more customized solution, built specifically for our business, without pages upon pages of features – originally added for other companies – which we don’t need.

    We also wanted a fully integrated solution with one centralized database instead of multiple, loosely connected databases. Hiflow’s superior BI reporting tools helped finalize our decision.

    Peter Anton, Bradford & Bigelow 

    What Makes HiFlow MIS Better?

    • At the core of our system is our exclusive workflow diagram that offers real workflow visibility of the production process, even the most complex packaging or POP product
    • Scheduling—simplified. Workflow diagrams easily show the sequence of events in the progress of the job, so scheduling every process is a cinch.
    • Harmoniously coordinate procedure paths that make sure everything is performed according to standard procedure adopted by the company i.e., ISO 9001, TQM
    • A licensing model based on our customer’s REAL SAVINGS–the result of HiFlow Solutions system implementation before/after comparisons.
    • Our CRM module makes visible to management all interactions between prospects and sales, customers and sales, and customers and customer service
    • Our Customer Portal allows REAL TIME updates of, for example, Proof Out/Proof Approved to customers and company personnel
    • Cost tracking in REAL TIME. Our software tracks real material consumption, shop floor data and supplier connectivity, i.e., if a supplier’s price goes up or down, estimating and purchasing will see the data in REAL TIME
    • Greater profitability in areas of production by recording REAL TIME data. Management now has viewability of the metrics gathered by the software and can make informed decisions, such as necessary employee training, or machine repair/maintenance/replacement
    • Not just one, but a team of dedicated implementation specialists will insure a faster Go Live. Our team is printing professionals, each versed in specialty areas of packaging, label production and all types of commercial printing. 
    • Fast order processing. Conversion from estimate to job is quick, as calculations and workflow diagrams are brought live for customer service, planning, scheduling, shop floor in REAL TIME

    Video Overview

    Is HiFlow the correct fit for your company? How does it work? What kind of features does it offer? Watch a brief overview.

    How is HiFlow different from other MIS/ERP systems? What is a workflow analysis? How do I know if you can help my company? I have more questions…We would love to answer your questions and find out all about your company and its needs.

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