Printing Management Software

HiFlow Solutions offers printing management software solutions that are simple and effective and create improved workflows and productivity for commercial printers.

In today’s competitive commercial print market, it is important to be innovative to stay on top of the game.

HiFlow’s printing management software will propel your packaging/label company into the heart of the 2020s with end-to-end management information and MES system specifically designed for commercial print companies. HiFlow’s comprehensive tools and features increase speed, reduce wasted time, and facilitate connectivity in the production workflow and business operations.

Printing Management Software

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    Printing Management Software – Custom Options

    Do you have a need for a custom business software solution? Companies often invest in prepackaged software, which ends up not truly meeting their needs. An off the shelf system may be a short term solution, but a bespoke print management software solution is an investment that has the potential to widen your margins and optimize your plant operations.

    HiFlow understands the printing industry incredibly well and can meet your company’s needs. In our team, there are highly skilled software developers, who thoroughly understand commercial print.

    HiFlow has been providing management solutions to commercial printers, packaging, label producers for the past 22 years. We have consulted on all aspects of running a print business from modernization and expansion to inventory and factory logistics, and scheduling functionality. We can help increase efficiency and productivity in all these aspects of your business.

    Printing Management Software
    Printing Management Software


    Here are the different levels of customization offered:

    Printing Management Software
    Software Development Team


    This is for those who just want to buy a few modules of software as they require some tweaks here and there. Customization on this level is acquired through the company’s module selection and limited integration and development services.


    This is the second level of customization in which packaged software comes with built-in assumptions and procedures of the company’s business processes. It is meant to fit the unique structure of individual organizations. The assumptions and procedures need to match the organization’s existing processes which is why most implementation projects involve software tailoring to some extent. Some examples are module selection, table configuration, or the addition of encapsulated new user functions.

    Core Code Changes, Custom Modules

    This is the third level of customization which offers more than just a few adjustments and integration to your HiFlow software. It offers end-to-end solutions, from concept & strategy, UX/UI design, implementation, integration, and support to help boost productivity within a limited time frame to reach the business goals.  

    Why Choose Us

    With more than two decades of experience and 100 international clients, HiFlow Solutions have successfully developed printing management software systems that are customized for printing or packaging industries. We have a thorough understanding of label and packaging production processes. Our team consists of highly skilled developers that ensure perfect software solutions which work the perfect fit for your company’s needs. Furthermore, the processes we opt for make sure that the production environment meets industry set standards which include GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA, USDA, SQF, OSHA, ISO 15378, ISO 14001, and TQM.

    What Our Clients Say

    I wanted one complete solution. When I saw HiFlow, with all its capabilities, it did not take me long to recognize that I had found my solution. They have over 100 locations served in Europe which was a big positive for me. I knew we could get more personal attention.

    Dale Ford, Colonial Printing, Mailing, Packaging

    We chose Hiflow to realize the promise of a more customized solution, built specifically for our business.

    We also wanted a fully integrated solution with one centralized database instead of multiple, loosely connected databases. Hiflow’s superior BI reporting tools helped finalize our decision.

    Peter Anton, Bradford & Bigelow 

      What Makes HiFlow Better?

      Printing Management Software
      Printing Management Solutions
      • At the core of our system is our exclusive workflow diagram that offers real workflow visibility of the production process, even the most complex commercial job
      • Scheduling—simplified. Workflow diagrams easily show the sequence of events in the progress of the job, so scheduling every process is a cinch.
      • Harmoniously coordinate procedure paths that make sure everything is performed according to standard procedure adopted by the company i.e., ISO 9001
      • A licensing model based on our customer’s REAL SAVINGS–the result of HiFlow Solutions system implementation before/after comparisons.
      • Our CRM module makes visible to management all interactions between prospects and sales, customers and sales, and customers and customer service
      • Our Customer Portal allows REAL TIME updates of, for example, Proof Out/Proof Approved to customers and company personnel
      • Cost tracking in REAL TIME. Our software tracks real material consumption, shop floor data and supplier connectivity, i.e., if a supplier’s price goes up or down, estimating and purchasing will see the data in REAL TIME
      • Greater profitability in areas of production by recording REAL TIME data. Management now has viewability of the metrics gathered by the software and can make informed decisions, such as necessary employee training, or machine repair/maintenance/replacement
      • Not just one, but a team of dedicated implementation specialists will insure a faster Go Live. Our team is printing professionals, each versed in specialty areas of commercial printing. 
      • Fast order processing. Conversion from estimate to job is quick, as calculations and workflow diagrams are brought live for customer service, planning, scheduling, shop floor in REAL TIME

      Our Solutions for Commercial Printers


      HiFlow Solutions MIS software is an end-to-end management information system with comprehensive tools that automate workflow and business processes so companies can compete more effectively in the marketplace, maintain faster and leaner production times, and increase margins of profit. 


      HiFlow’s core management information system can be customized to suit your unique requirements. Based on your preferences for hosting and database, we can recommend appropriate solutions that fit your current infrastructure and process. You can start small, with core-essentials, then add features later.


      Eliminate touches, decrease errors and downtime, and instantly collect data by connecting HiFlow’s sensor interface directly with your shop floor equipment. Our MES device interface enables any MIS system and virtually any shop-floor equipment to share accurate information. 


      One of the big reasons companies look for custom business software development services is that they’ve found prepackaged software doesn’t fully meet their needs.  Our team consists of 50 highly skilled developers, systems analysts and software engineers can custom design a solution.

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