Software development

Our team

We provide IT services that offer you the highest quality work at the best price, and support before and after the sale, with our team of highly qualified professionals who are enthusiastic about their work.


• in business for almost 20 years internationally
• delivered software solutions to over 100 customers
• created a complex niche software system (HIFLOW) for manufacturing, marketed internationally
• have team of developers with various professional skills and training
• US based company with team of developers based in Poland
• recognized as a Silver Microsoft Partner


• Experienced and highly skilled developers, systems analysts,
software engineers, project managers and QA testers
• Project managers based in our headquaters in the US (East Coast)
• Development team based in our company’s offices in Poland
• The sum of our knowledge, experience, dedication in programming
• To strive to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Our services


We build effective solutions for various businesses, industries and market segments.


• Business solutions (invoicing modules, reports, payment gates, etc.)
• Manufacturing solutions (production scheduling, manufacturing execution, machine communication)
• B2B systems integrations (EDI, XML)
• QA Testing
• Mobile Applications
• Front End Development
• Customized e-commerce systems
• Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
• Marketplace applications


Since communication is KEY to your (and our) success, we place a high value on staying in touch by creating and maintaining clear communication channels. We keep you in the loop, on your schedule, communicating in the format you are most comfortable with. To be clear and thorough, we would have you answer questions like these:

• How do you prefer to receive regular communication?
• What do you expect as a standard turnaround time for response to questions and issues?
• Who else (if anyone) in the organization would you like to also receive communication from me?
• When is the best time to touch base with you (early morning, midday, or later in the afternoon)?
• How frequently would you like a status update and in what format?


Desktop software development

.NET, C#, WinForms, WPF, MVVM, WCF, ADO.Net Datasets, Linq,
Entity Framework, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic

Web development

ASP MVC, WebApi, SignalR, ASP.Net Core, JavaScript, TypeScript, JQuery,
Angular, React.js, Node.js, C, C++, Java, PHP, RoR


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Code quality

Unit testing, PHP Unit, Continuous Integration, PSR Standards, PSR-2 Standards,
Acceptance Tests, Test Driven Development, Design Patterns

Project management



Data Warehouse system

We used Microsoft Data and Business Intelligence tools to build a Data Warehouse System extracting data from ERP system and machines, unifying data into interim storage and distributing data into a new master data warehouse. Designed ongoing BI Analysis and Reporting throughout the transition, preventing any gaps in analytic services.

Production Planning System

We developed a Production Planning System that provides the tools that allow technologically correct production scheduling in real-time, increasing the performance of any cost center.

Publishing system

Custom software development of a publishing system. The publishing system was delivered in several stages, corresponding to the growing needs of publishing in the scope of production centralization. Replaced multiple conversion paths with one central, parameterized system. The process used color management tools and modules responsible for initial verification and optimization of PDF files. Managing user rights at the level of individual titles and editions was also built. A system of electronic spindle planning, operations on advertising material (surface booking system) as well as mutations and regionalization of pages were provided.

Production Tracking System

Developed a Production Tracking System that marks and identifies materials and semi-finished products at each production stage. The system provides visibility, track and report critical information related to a product’s location, production status, and supplier source. The system provides numerous ways to search for product data including sales order, PO#, Serial #, lot #, packing slip, work order, label number including shipment serial number, and PO Receipt to the lot level. The system was designed to share key data with customers easily by enabling them to instantly print detailed tracking reports to meet quality audits.

E-commerce system

We developed an e-commerce system designed to specific requirements of this printing company. It includes a sophisticated price calculation module and integrated files acquisition service. The web-toprint was designed with modern graphics was customized for individual needs of client. The system was equipped with a template editor, allowing modification of predefined graphic projects according to the user’s needs. Simple and intuitive user interface allows creation of a great project within minutes.

Packaging Management system

Client is a large, global packaging and label manufacturer who needed a powerful management system software to improve efficiency in its plant. They had specific needs for quality testing and quality assurance, where the system would interact with users in an easily understood UI. Not only did they need to test the raw materials, the finished product had to be tested and meet strict industry standards. We developed custom software for this client, integrated the software with existing software, as well as implemented installation of the new software and insure proper data collection. Testing and debugging of software, updates, quality control. Project also included sophisticated interfaces to machine data, cost/profit calculations, scheduling criteria, monitoring raw material flow, final product flow. Producing customer data, billing data, shipping data.

Warehouse Management System

We developed a Warehouse Management System. This is a tool for controlling information flow in the warehouse with barcode readers. The system allows track product location within a warehouse down to the room, row, and pallet level. Real-time monitoring of the movement of products within and between all of the facilities in real-time. The system allows combining multiple partial pallets onto a single pallet while maintaining traceability.


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