HiFlow Overview

HiFlow Solutions MIS software is an end-to-end management information system with comprehensive tools that automate packaging workflow and business processes so companies can compete more effectively in the marketplace, maintain faster and leaner production times, and increase margins of profit. HiFlow Solutions MIS and MES streamline operations in your packaging, label, flex-pack or commercial plant and help business owners gain visibility and control.
HiFlow was born on the shop floor, by label and packaging owners who wanted software tailored specifically for the packaging manufacturing environment. We understand industry challenges and deliver comprehensive MIS and MES solutions that allow our customers to optimize business and production processes.
HiFlow's MIS system is modular based. HiFlow's database is based on Microsoft SQL Server with state-of-the-art software development tools. Our software development team has used cutting-edge tools in the field of specification, modelling, and designing IT systems. The HiFlow system architecture is service oriented (SOA) , which allows it to integrate easily with any other ERP systems.

Delivering business solutions
to packaging, label and commercial printers

HiFlow's MIS software is an end-to-end management system designed for the packaging, label & commercial markets. Each module assists in automating all aspects of your workflow process.

• Communication between departments is standardized and functionality is improved
• Tasks and machines are viewable in real time, from anywhere, anytime
• Workflow diagrams are visible, quickly and easily understood by personnel
• Includes Shop Floor Data Collection: insights in real time from your shop floor
• HIFlow is scalable and able to help customers from the medium sized commercial plant to the largest packaging plants and grow with you as you expand
• Integrates with all the ERPs you already have, and all your existing systems can be integrated as well: One, powerful single system

HiFlow Solutions will help you increase packaging label and commercial efficiency, streamline procurement and reduce labor & material costs. Proven results with over 100 customers using our system worldwide.

HiFlow's Module-Based Comprehensive Software


Need a Complete System? Or Just Specific Modules?

You do not need to change out your entire IT system. You have the option of just integrating modules created specifically for the packaging and printing industry. Or begin with HiFlow's base system, and add additional modules as you need them.

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