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Analytics And Control System


Due to detailed presentation of planned and real costs, this module clearly indicates any technological operations which generated additional costs. It helps to undertake corrective actions and improve profitability. It also allows to analyze real long-term profitability of orders as well as to analyze each order by top-down method.

• Precise calculation of planned and real costs, with a possibility to calculate cost for s specific purpose;
• Control over production and customer service employee performance based on standards and data entered by these employees;
• Option to compare estimated and real production times;
• Option to compare estimated and real efficiency rates;
• Efficiency analysis for machines and employees.


Reports are presented in both graphical and tabular form. Information gathered in central database and provided in adequate reports allow the company management to make quick and correct decisions. Report visualization provides an insight to each business area, comprehensible to any person. Possibility to analyze clearly presented performance results and to compare them to historical data provides necessary background for making right decisions.

• Supporting decision-making by providing management information;
• Reports presented in both graphical and tabular form;
• Sales reports broken down to salespersons, customers or product groups;
• Customer and product profitability calculations;
• Possibility to analyze Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and employee performance;
• Efficiency evaluation for machines and employees;
• Monitoring employee activity and performance;
• Uniformed reporting procedures for the entire company.


This module has been designed for the company management and for persons responsible for controlling and process optimization. Its basic function is supporting decision-making by providing management information. This module generates multi-dimensional analyses based on data gathered in the system, and provides them to authorized users. Such analyses include the entire business – production, stock and sales.

• Faster decision-making due to instant access to necessary information;
• Anticipating customer needs;
• Analyzing order costs at the level of technological operation;
• Preview of real-time efficiency of machines and employees;
• Improved productivity of internal meetings due to transparent and standardized information.