Production Preparation


Create and manage your workflow. Easily allows you to automatically recalculate product pricelist associated with the Workflow Sheet.

• Optimizes product manufacturing technology
• Identifies jobs from estimating, through pre-press and up to production and warehousing
• Access to product revision history, including its development and manufacturing.


Defining workflow ensuring optimal execution of production orders.

• Shorter time needed for calculation
• Lower possible technological errors in calculations and production orders
• Easy to use, intuitive interface
• Uniformed technological description of any order, from calculation to product and order.


Generation of production orders based on previously prepared calculations.

• Time savings needed for preparation of production order
• Automated preparation of production orders
• Generating production orders quickly and accurately
• Fewer error risk in production orders
• Combining different products in print sheets.


Defines technological parameters of each machine used by the company. Defines performance standards. This module also provides an option to define coverage rates for each machine.

• Better machinery usage due to precise information regarding machine performance
• Appropriate categorization of performance data for each machine
• Combined machine standards database available for calculation and planning
• Easy start-up of any new machine by copying parameter configuration from another machine and appropriate adjustment of those parameters.


Manages tools necessary for production and manages the entire life cycle of any tool, from purchase order, through regeneration, to complete wear. Availability and condition of tools such as rollers, anilox rolls, printing forms and die cutters also visible in other modules such as Production Plan or Production Orders.

• Know your tool status and availability
Know when to replace tools
Know tool status and availability
Know tools costs
• Shorter downtime related to any need to wait for a new tool
• Option to assign usage, sheet and packing parameters to a die cutter boards
• Search engine so you can find specific die cutting tools
• Complete tool usage history


Add new items and edit existing items in a pricelist, related to materials, transport etc. It also allows for comprehensive price changes, and importing new pricelist items from external files.

• Know when raw material pricing changes


Reserve materials and tools required for completion of any production order. Enables the user to assign any material in stock as well as replenish its level.

• Lower material purchase and supply
• Lower frozen capital in inventory by using materials left after completion of previous orders.


This module is used for defining laboratory tests, generated automatically for laboratory employees upon acceptance of raw material with defined parameters. This module allows to appropriately record any completed raw material tests. It also allows to develop quality control plans and to define measurements to be completed as a part of a specific control procedure. It automatically creates a list of tests according to material parameters. This module ensures observation of quality standards regarding control of any raw material processed.

• Ensures compliance with procedures applicable for raw material laboratory tests;
• Automated preparation of test documentation;
• Standardized registration of quality control tests;
• Defining tests according to supplier and raw material type.


This module is used to define laboratory tests for each product group. This module allows to appropriately record any completed product tests. It automatically generates a list of tests for a finished product, according to product type, technological operations used in production and a final customer that is supplied with the product. It also allows to develop quality control plans and to define measurements to be completed as a part of a specific control procedure as well as to register any quality events. Upon completion of any quality test, a quality certificate is automatically generated. The quality control plan is created according to the company’s quality policy and specific requirements of customers.

• Ensured compliance with procedures for product laboratory tests;
• Automated preparation of test documentation;
• Standardized registration of quality control tests;
• Possibility to generate a variety of product quality certificates;
• Defining tests based on customer, product type, technological process.


The Product Protection module allows to create automatic workflow where appropriate protection methods with specific parameters are added to input works, without intervention of graphic interface or the operator (e.g. through hot folder or by direct communication with a database). This module allows to create templates including sets of already set up protections with predefined parameters.

• Accepting purchase orders online;
• Preliminary verification of submitted works;
• Automatic adjustment of working parameters to the technological requirements of specific product;
• Automated prepress (correction, color transformation, imposition).