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Sales & Customer Management System


The customer portal is a browser solution, providing the customer with an option to contact anyone, anywhere 24/7. It allows to communicate with the HiFlow system and instantly obtain desired information. This portal offers such functionalities as Request for Quotation registration, job production preview, and inventory tracking, both in raw materials and finished products.

• Lower transaction costs;
• Customer service employees no longer need to deal with direct communication with a customer;
• Limited risks of communication errors;
• Saving time allows to be more productive in customer service.


This module allows to store all information regarding customers and suppliers, their employees and locations in a single central database. It provides access to data related to shipping and invoicing (delivery address, account number, payment method). Integration with GUS (Polish General Statistical Office) provides an option to download customer data just by indicating its VAT number.

• Unambiguous identification of customers and suppliers;
• Easy to find customer contact details;
• Using customer details previously entered by another employee;
• Redundant customer data are prevented;
• Customers may be categorized against type, industry etc.; such categorization may also be easily enhanced.


This module allows to register any communication with customers, such as phone calls, e-mails, meetings. Thus, it provides communication history with each customer, allowing for analysis of salesperson activity. All authorized employees get access to notes and documents saved in registered contacts, therefore improving internal communication in the company.

• Monitoring employee activity and performance;
• Higher offer-to-purchase order conversion level;
• Improved customer service quality;
• Standardized procedures regulating customer service and professional duties;


This module allows to define and control performance of sales plan for each customer in specified period of time.

• Expected revenue from each customer is under control;
• Salesperson performance improves as sales plan performance is duly accounted and monitored;
• Precise information regarding future company revenue.


This module allows to store all information regarding employees and their posts and functional relations in a single central database.

• Easy access to up-to-date contact details of all company employees;
• Easy data authorization management for all groups of employees;
• Automated access authorization in case of any employee replacement.


This module allows to develop personal calendars for employees or any unit in the company, providing them with a tool to manage their time effectively. An option to automatically register a deadline from any other system level makes it a very useful tool.

• Allows to link a deadline with specific customers, documents, projects, calculations, products and orders as well as other employees;
• Allows to categorize deadlines, define cycles and statuses;
• Allows to compare calendars of both employees and company divisions.


This module provides access to user tasks which are assigned by other employees.

• Task performance monitoring for each employee;
• An option to remind a user about an incoming deadline.


Document management module allows to register and process any document, in electronic form, exchanged with customers, such as graphical designs, CAD designs, product specifications. Module includes such information as author details and revision history for each document. It manages document versions and revisions, made by any employee or a customer. All authorized employees are given access to documents stored in the system database. Therefore, all types of documents supported by different text editors and applications working in Windows.

• Easy access to up-to-date contact details of all company employees;
• Easy data authorization management for all groups of employees;
• Automated access authorization in case of any employee replacement.


Project management is a module allowing to create project of any kind, and subsequently to track its progress. These may include sales projects, graphical projects, production projects, complaint projects, purchase projects etc. The module allows to define progress paths (workflow) for each project, and to register completion of any operation regarding such project. Time registration functionality provides an option to measure time committed to performance of each project. Therefore, it is possible to effectively manage work time of designers, salespersons, technologists and any other employees committed to any project.

• Improvement in information flow efficiency and quality , thus limiting error count;
• Absolute compliance with strict procedures for quotations and calculations in sales projects;
• Project completion timesheet processing;
• Employee timesheet processing;


This module allows to register purchase orders submitted by customers for single products or a series of different products. It provides an option to automatically run multi-product orders and to check current inventory for any products already ordered by a customer.

• Improved management of finished products inventory as inventory is verified upon accepting any order;
• Automated and improved order initiation for continued products.


This module allows to create cost calculations for product manufacturing. It includes advanced functions that streamline an and speed up the preparation of calculations, such as calculation creators. Service costs are being calculated according to cost center rates, machine efficiency, hourly pay rates, raw material prices and precise raw material consumption.

• Increase of average retail margin level;
• Precisely calculated product costs;
• Decrease in calculation costs errors by using real costs (raw material prices, material consumption standards, performance standards, hourly rates etc.) and technological templates;
• Standardization of product manufacturing prices by creating calculations based on technological templates, machine specifications and material pricelists included in the system;
• Calculation standardization and consistency.


This module is able to automatically generate quotations for customers. It includes ready-to-use quotation templates that allow to generate quotation by using already calculated costs.

• Automated quotation generation based on already calculated costs;
• Fast generation of multi-option quotations;
• Generating more quotations in nominal working time;
• Standardization of quotations generated by employees;
• Prevention of errors related to generating quotations in any other software.


This module provides adequate response to any complaint while observing strict procedures. IT tools supplied by this module allow the user to process and efficiently handle complaints, both external (customer complaints) and internal (company division complaints), as well as complaints directed to company suppliers. This module allows to run and process complaint orders, providing quick access to current complaint status, its result, and compensation method.

• Automated complaint submission to suppliers and sub-suppliers directly from the system;
• Improved registration of customer complaints;
• Processing customer complaints in strict compliance with specific procedures;
• Easy communication with suppliers and customers regarding complaints;
• Lower complaint handling costs;
• Any negative effects of complaints, both for a customer and the company, are minimized through quick and efficient handling.