Organization size:

90 + employees


Olsztyn, Poland


Koopress, a large packaging and labelling producer, supplies folding carton packagin and labels for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry to a customer base that spans the globe including brands such as Colgate, RedBull, Toblerone and Milka. Founded in 1991, its daily production exceeds a million products and Koopress is one of the largest folding carton producers in Poland.
Koopress was experiencing rapid growth in its market and company leaders decided to expand and modernize operation by introducing product and process improvements to achieve greater efficiency. 

The HiFlow system has simplified the process of tracking products from production using barcode readers while ensuring their full traceability. HiFlow has eliminated manual entry which can cause costly mistakes…

Increased time savings

After implementing HiFlow, Koopress noticed significant time savings during machine start up and changeovers. The system also improved efficiency for equipment and operators. Managers can check on jobs at any point in the production process through HiFlow’s customizable dashboards and are able to identify any production bottlenecks in real time. KPIs can be tracked for each job, enabling reporting that is accurate and timely.
Response time for estimates has improved thorugh the tools that HiFlow provides to estimators. The time saved has led to faster conversions from quotes to signed orders. 

In depth data collection; data visualized

HiFlow’s data collection capabilities facilitates decision making in all key areas of the company’s operations—from production to human resources. HiFlow improves daily operations through connecting all departments in a central database. All aspects of a job are accessible from throughout the organization in real time. From the visually enhanced business intelligence and reporting, to visual workflows, to shop floor monitors with real time updates, HiFlow provides Koopress with information about how the entire plant is functioning.

Intuitive interface creates transparency

HiFlow’s interface is familiar with most operators, shop floor workers and business managers: it’s Microsoft based, allowing easy navigation. The standard ribbon-type GUI allows estimators, job planners, customer service and office personnel easy access. For Koopress, this meant that communication between departments has improboed and there is a standardized flow of job tickets and communication procedures for every job. Employees can perform their tasks anywhere and at any time on mobile or tablet devices, allowing greater freedom and flexibility.

Easy, short implementation

Koopress stakeholders were very pleased about the 5 month implementation process. The shortened timeframe is the result of HiFlow’s implementation strategy which customizes the software package to meet the exact needs of the packaging company. The development and implementation team engages company staff early in the process, makes site visits, maintains timelines, and provides very regular communication with key members of the Koopress staff. HiFlow guarantees that the system will be ready for all future challenges.

The Benefits of Partnering
with HiFlow Solutions

We implement – fast. The HiFlow system combines MIS and MES software with easy ERP integration.

We fill your ERP gaps. By optimizing ERP systems with MIS and MES features required for packaging and label printing.

We create automated environments. With seamless connections from order intake to shipping and invoicing.

We feed you data. With insights from real time, critical information from your production shop floor, personnel, and equipment.

We let you see. From smart scheduling to nested layouts to workflow diagrams, instantly see where you stand within the job.

Do you have additional questions about implementation? Contact our experts to discover how HiFlow System can help address your company’s challenges.