Enterprise Software Consulting for Packaging Manufacturers

Increasingly, manufacturers are moving towards technology to level up their companies. With the boom of mergers & acquisitions, this is a critical business issue. Right now.

With so many choices out there, where do you start?

Each packaging business is unique. HiFlow understands that. The starting point is always reaching out to find out if a vendor is a good fit. This is why the first step in our process is consultation.

We offer two types of consultation:

  • a one-on-one consultation with our industry specialist
  • an on-site workflow evaluation and ROI evaluation

Learn from MIS/ERP and packaging
industry consultants.

Our team has a deep understanding of the packaging industry. From our consultants to our developers — all have worked in the industry, and many have decades of experience in the packaging and print arenas.

For over 20 years, we have helped packaging, label and commercial printers through their growing pains and onto profitability. We offer consultation on everything from modernization and automation of your business, to inventory and plant logistics improvement, to implementing Industry 4.0 throughout your business and production landscape.

HiFlow’s consultants seek to provide any guidance needed to increase productivity and boost efficiency in every part of your enterprise. Let us be your first stop in your journey towards implementing new technologies into your business.

On-Site Workflow Study and ROI Evaluation

Our consultants analyze your business’s current business & production ecosystem: products, processes, equipment/machines and systems, then make recommendations to improve overall efficiency and productivity.

This enables you to see the ROI of implementing an MIS/ERP system like HiFlow.

Get a 2-Day, onsite evaluation of your current workflow to identify pain points, gaps and issues keeping you from achieving maximum ROI.


DETERMINE where your stressors are

  • 2-Day, onsite evaluation of your current workflow to identify pain points, gaps and issues keeping you from achieving maximum ROI
  • Comprehensive review of your plant’s production environment & processes
  • Work with all departments to fully comprehend your needs
  • Hands-on operational review to ensure we have accurate data to design your optimal workflow


ANALYZE your situation

  • After the onsite visit, you will receive an in-depth analysis and recommendation for maximum ROI, including options to achieve
  • Includes a systematic analysis with detailed action items and criteria
    used to establish the ROI


RECOMMEND a solution

  • Specific recommendations on workflow automation modules that yield the greatest returns
  • Initial baseline with metrics for comparison and viability of each metric
  • Delineate all the possible paths that will achieve your desired results
  • Create procedures, processes and timelines
  • Give estimates on implementation budgets


Mutual APPROVAL for best outcomes

  • Validate the software solution with you and your team
  • Walk through the complete plan with you and your management team
  • Host an informative session
  • Come to high agreement, with mutual consensus of goals and metrics
  • The outcome of this step leads to a license agreement and approval of the implementation schedule

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