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Quickly route your job
through scheduling and production

HiFlow 4.0 offers tools that enable real-time monitoring of production planning, effectively eliminating bottlenecks in the production process. With its highly visual interface, it allows comprehensive analysis of plan performance and enables swift, real-time corrections as the production plan evolves.

Production planning
system for optimized

HiFlow’s Production Planning system gets your job production plan up and running FAST so jobs move quickly into your plant and on to delivery.

Using automated data collection and smart algorithms, improve your operations, boost productivity, and maximize resource allocation.

The software offers that total picture of the plant in real time and gives us the ability to see – especially us in operations and manufacturing – what’s happening on the plant floor at any time.

Jeff Collins, VP of Manufacturing


I can certainly say that thanks to HiFlow, our company now bypasses any previous manual processes and we efficiently manage our entire production cycle.

Dariusz Makowiak, co-owner


Take control with smart scheduling

HiFlow’s production scheduling module uses smart algorithms to automatically create & optimize plans to maximize the use of your factory floor resources for on time delivery and satisfied customers.

Optimize production runs and factor in constraints around tooling, machines, personnel and inventory. Enable What-If scheduling, and test results of adding/moving jobs. Get real-time feedback from the shop floor. Mitigate time conflicts.

Schedule Viewer

Display real time production schedule data on large monitors on your shop floor! View job priority, due date, job numbers, by machine, or department.

Production Scheduling

A powerful planning and scheduling system that uses smart algorithms and MES data that makes smart use of materials, machines and shop floor workers.

Always have tools
ready for the job

And know which tools aren’t ready before a job is scheduled. Capture the what, when, and where of materials and critical tools. Material and tool availability and management software helps optimize the use of resources and increases the speed of production.

Material & Tool Availability

Real-time visibility of material and tool availability and increases speed of production. It minimizes errors in scheduling.

Tools Management

Prevent downtime, and reduce make ready times, remakes and labor costs. Organize your dies and tools with HiFlow.

Your shop floor sees every job “live”

No more whiteboards, grid boards with tape and string with lists of the day’s jobs.

Real-time visibility on shop floor performance is available on screens located throughout the plant.

The Shop Floor Monitor module allows any shop floor worker to clearly see all the data of current jobs and job order progress at each stage of production.

It offers a visual “heads up” that spots downtime and errors that result in delays in the production plan.

Shop Floor Monitor

Shop floor workers clearly see all the data of current jobs and job order progress at each stage of production.

Production management software that
optimizes your production team

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