HiFlow Solution
TECH services

Outstanding service is our utmost priority.

Once you become a HiFlow customer, you acquire a whole team dedicated to providing you with excellence in customer service.

From implementation to training and maintenance, we support you throughout the lifetime of your relationship with us.


We minimize risks and avoid extra costs

Ready to go tools, templates, questionaires and scenerios characterize our project management approach to implementation.

You get to know your implementation team on a first name basis in the scheduled live in-person and remote implementation. Our approach shortens implementation times
and keeps your team front and center of its efforts.

During HiFlow’s unique implementation project management, your team learns about the stages of implementation, what to expect, the importance of being all in during critical milestones and how HiFlow gets all your training questions answered.

Product Training

Training – Live and Customized

Live training on-site occurs throughout HiFlow’s implementation process. At the end of implementation, our team compiles a custom training library designed specifically for your business. These consist of short video ‘how to’ sessions and in-depth explanatory videos.

Remote training is also available. Schedule one on one, or group lessons. Ask about additional training through our support services.



After the sale… we stay with you

When you purchase your HiFlow solution to run your packaging business more efficiently, you invest in more than just software—you purchase the expertise of our seasoned enterprise software support and service professionals.

Our annual maintenance guarantees two things: problems resulting from the everyday use are immediately solved, and two, you receive every update and improvement in HiFlow software at least four times a year.

Custom Development

Need something tailor made? We can do that.

Does this describe you: You want more than just a few adjustments and integrations to your HiFlow Software. You want a more specific solution for one or more aspects of your workflow or product.

HiFlow has access to over 50 experienced developers and software engineers through its sister company, InfoSolutions. And it offers services that are often less than half of typical development costs. Contact us for a quote for your IT project.

Support Portal


Taking care of our customers and ensuring the highest quality customer service is our number one mission. Owners of HiFlow software get access to our Support Portal.

Through the Support Portal, our team provides fast answers to your issues.

Reach out to our team and solve problems quickly.

You are not just a customer. We partner with you during implementation and beyond to help you achieve your business and production goals.

Read about how companies like yours have increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and leveled up in the marketplace.

I have all the data I need to assess the current situation and make decisions. I have predictive data: we can really see how well we’re performing.

Jeff Collins, VP of Manufacturing


We found HiFlow’s modules to be very comprehensive. They covered all of our departments – from sales & customer service, estimating and scheduling, to production and warehouse.

Artur Szor, Vice Chairman of the Board


The lack of accurate data flows between warehouse and production resulted in inventory overages – we easily got rid of this during the first year of using HiFlow.

Marcin Sawicz, CEO


I love the modern business intelligence. It gives us unrestricted access to information in real time and offers us the possibility of making faster and more optimal decisions.

Bolesław Jacinowicz, Chairman of the Board


I can certainly say that thanks to HiFlow, our company now bypasses any previous manual processes and we efficiently manage our entire production cycle.

Dariusz Makowiak, co-owner


We selected HiFlow because it had most of the required functionalities and met the demands of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Lukasz Szczepanski, CFO


HiFlow leverages technology that will help us proactively manage and grow our business. From SCADA monitors to smart scheduling, the MES gives us the real time data we need.

Amy Plier, Principal


The entire HiFlow team – sales, developers, support – they’re very
helpful and very knowledgeable.

Kevin Kollman, Owner


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