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Case Studies

Wausau Container Corp

Wausau Container Corporation was founded in 1993 by Amy Plier, the company’s Treasurer, and three other partners. Today, the company has 86 employees and operates with two
litho, one digital and four flexographic presses producing folding cartons for the dairy and other industries.


Colonial Print Mailing & Packaging

Colonial Printing, Mailing and Packaging is mid-sized hybrid shop located in Huntsville, AL. The plant supports digital, wide format, commercial, and media, and has recently expanded into packaging. Equipment includes a 40” 6-color Heidelberg press with in-line AQ coating, Bobst die cutters, and multiple folder/gluers. 


HiFlow creates efficient
workflow for Printmax

The HiFlow system automatically builds a production workflow diagram for each job, based on processes needed to produce a given job. Operators can see and track all aspects of the process as the job moves through production and can dig down for greater details as required.


Granpak increases production capacity with HiFlow, decreases material consumption

After implementing HiFlow, Granpak optimizes production scheduling with direct access to technological documentation. When a quote becomes a job, HiFlow’s Workflow Diagram is instantly created and allows planning and scheduling to see all parameters of the job.


MTC – Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Packaging Printer

MTC Poland Sp. z.o.o. is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with its production plant in Pruszków, Poland. It exports to more than 25 countries, including Europe, Scandinavia, and the U.S. MTC is a flexographic printer and converts blister packaging for pharmaceutical, provides laminates and specialized foils for cosmetic packaging, as well as thermoformed packaging, rotogravure printing, and specialized products like Easy Snap packaging.


HiFlow helps Koopress
achieve growth targets

The HiFlow system has simplified the process of tracking products from production using barcode readers while ensuring their full traceability and eliminating manual document entry, which can generate costly mistakes.



Multi-plant POL-MAK consolidates to one central database

POL-MAK is an international producer of napkins, paper plates and cups, decorative bags, gift wrapping paper, greeting cards, as well as tissue paper. POL-MAK is a family business in the decorative stationery industry, producing products for over 35 years. 


Hybrid Printer UNIQ thrives 

UNIQ MEDIA is a commercial printer offering digital and sheetfed processes. Their products range from catalogs, books, and brochures to specialty packaging. They specialize in custom-designed dies, diagonally glued packaging, and custom-shaped box production.


Label producer FANO improves workflow,
and increases visibility with HiFlow

“The number of errors in our company has certainly decreased. By automating processes, defining the various work parameters in the system, we have made significant progress in this respect,”  says FANO’s VP, Bolesław Jasinowicz.

Case Study Videos. 


Staff of Colonial Print Mailing & Packaging describe the dramatic difference between operations before and after the HiFlow integration…


Printmax shares its experience integrating HiFlow’s MIS system.

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