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Quickly get your jobs set up for production

All the tools you need for your prepress and production teams.

Address any potential bottlenecks before they occur, moving jobs into production quickly while maintaining quality control. Smart scheduling makes smart use of all your plant’s resources.

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Get jobs into production. FAST.

HiFlow’s Production Preparation system gets your job production plan up and running FAST so jobs move quickly into your plant and on to completion.

It starts with our visible job workflow diagram, where planners can quickly see job details and allocate resources.

Job Production Workflow

HiFlow’s Job Production Workflow diagram illustrates the entire job on one screen. Materials, machines, people, documents, tools and any other part or process is represented.

With our previous system, we really couldn’t see how we performed on a job until we saw the job costing report at the end. And by then, it’s too late to do anything about any issues that may arise during production. When we can immediately see issues, such as machine downtime or other job problems, we can be proactive in resolving them. Time is money! And being able to proactively see what is going on and solve problems quickly is a game changer for us.


Amy Plier, Principal, Wausau Container Corp


Built in.

Empower your estimators by giving them the tools to layout jobs in the most optimum way possible to minimize costs and increase throughput.

Using HiFlow’s Package Design and Packaging Imposition modules, estimators create in minutes what normally takes hours…and sales can deliver a quote that gets the job.

Packaging Design

Reduce the time estimators spend calculating materials. Using the parametric libraries of FEFCO, ECMA, the Packaging Design module allows dynamic creation of packaging designs.

Packaging Imposition

HiFlow’s Imposition Module handles the imposition processes in packaging prepress to optimize printing and production efficiency.

Smart planning. More efficient allocation.

HiFlow integrates your prepress apps, like ESKO and Hybrid, for seamless communication between prepress and planning.

Ensure that the right inventory is available for the production process exactly when it is needed. Automate production planning for tight (and profitable) logistics using the tools in HiFlow’s Production Planning modules.

PrePress Integration

Creates a bridge between the packaging design data, including packaging CAD, and the HiFlow MIS system streamlining communication and data exchange.

Material Demand

Material demand, also known as material requirements planning (MRP), calculates the materials and components required to manufacture a product.

Ensure a quality product. On the floor. In reports.

With HiFlow, you get robust quality control while managing compliance risks. Plan thorough production and material inspections that make it simple to maintain even the highest quality control standards.  


  • Quality control history
  • Digital records
  • Production process traceability
  • Complete test data capture
  • Automation of documentation
  • Inspection management
  • Electronic sign off
Material Inspection

Manage incoming, pre-shipment, and production inspections while mitigating compliance risks. Give quality control teams better visibility on inspections.

Product Inspection

Ensure traceability and accountability, and provide a comprehensive audit trail for compliance purposes, customer inquiries, and quality control assessments.

Batch Traceability

The Batch Traceability module captures and records detailed information about the production process, materials used, and the movement of products within the supply chain.

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