MIS Analytics

Get data insights
with powerful BI

“I have all the data I need to assess the current situation and make decisions. I have predictive data; we can really see how well we’re performing.”

Jeff Collins, VP of Manufacturing

Know exactly
where you stand.
See it clearly.

HiFlow’s Reporting and Business Intelligence modules access the vast amounts of raw data available throughout the entirety of your business and production landscape.

HiFlow’s up-to-the-minute analytics help you make sense of that data by providing you with actionable insights.

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Office, you’ll feel at home using our analytics modules.

  • Understand what your raw data shows.
  • Find patterns.
  • Easily prepare visual reports.
  • Predict future outcomes.

Enterprise level reporting

Seamlessly share rich data visualizations with your teams that help everyone make decisions based on facts, not just gut feelings.


  • Get comprehensive sales reports.
  • Analyze OEE and employee performance.
  • Know customer and product profitability.
  • Benefit from built-in security and compliance features.

Gather data from multiple sources within a central database and present it in a clear and understandable format.

Business Intelligence

Visualize any data, and seamlessly infuse the visuals into the apps you use every day.

Postproduction Calculations

Compare estimated costs with production costs–and actual costs. Get tighter control over material and process costs from the time of the estimate through production.

Keep inventories lean with reliable forecasting tools

HiFlow helps you use data to strategize the how, where and when of allocating your resources and optimizing your purchasing efforts.


  • Analyze planned and actual costs.
  • Compare estimated & real production times.
  • Improve inventory flow.
  • Analyze long-term profitability of jobs.
  • Maintain ideal inventory levels.
Material Forecasting

Uses statistical models and algorithms to analyze historical data and generate forecasts for future demand.

Inventory Review

With access to historical data and demand patterns, the Inventory Review module supports demand planning and forecasting activities.

Dashboards offer
data at a glance

Analyze what happened, why it happened, what may happen, and what action you should take.

  • Customer metrics
  • Financial information
  • Sales information
  • Production information
  • Shop floor data
  • Worker performance
  • Logistics information

Dashboards are configurable to allow you to customize and combine the content you want to see.

Turn the data you collect everyday into information you can use


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