Warehouse management

Track and automate your inventory

HiFlow’s unique system consists of
modules that manage your warehouse processes efficiently and effectively, even when you have multiple locations.

Right timing
Right location
Right quantity

Get materials to production FAST with real-time warehouse visibility. Know precisely where inventory is located, and access detailed physical inventory data and real-time quantities.

Alerts and daily dashboard updates help you stay on top of inventory changes as they happen for fast response times and accurate analytics.

Achieve optimum inventory levels

HiFlow’s warehouse modules give you:

  • Full visibility of your stock.
  • Real-time warehouse reports.
  • Raw materials inventory.
  • Inventory location management.
  • Warehouse performance data.
  • Semi finished product/ finished goods data.
  • Automation of warehouse processes.
  • Traceability.
  • A robust barcode system.
  • Faster deliveries.
  • Compliance control.
Inventory of Materials

Know exactly when to replenish your warehouse, stay ahead of customer needs, and predict upcoming labor needs based on demand. Track every aspect of your material needs…

Product Inventory

Get efficient and accurate product delivery, streamline the stock-taking process and automate the generation of delivery documents.

Monitor quality control in your warehouse

According to ISO 9000, quality management involves managing a product in a way that is focused on meeting compliance requirements.

Improve regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction with automated inspections, testing, defect checks, supplier audits and outbound quality control.

Speed up quality control workflows and facilitate end-to-end tracking to ensure compliance.


Manage incoming, pre-shipment, and production inspections while mitigating compliance risks. Give quality control teams better visibility on inspections.


Easily capture quality metrics during the receiving inspection, enforce compliance and safety checks, and generate customized reports.

Manage multiple
warehouse locations

HiFlow WMS: A scalable solution across all your locations

If your business is expanding, you need multi-location inventory management. Cover all your warehouses with HiFlow’s WMS umbrella solution.

  • Optimize logistics and consolidate warehouses and supply chains.
  • Manage all operations, including inventory, staff, shipping, storage and movement of goods.
  • Get real-time tracking in one central location.
  • View your best and worst performing locations.
  • Filter your data by metrics using HiFlow’s Dashboards.

From Raw Material
to Delivery

Know every part of a product’s lifecycle from purchase of raw materials through delivery with HiFlow’s traceability modules. This is increasingly important with ESG mandates being implemented in Europe and elsewhere.

Control, coordinate and manage all
movements, processes and operations.

  • Receipt of raw materials.
  • Storage.
  • Picking.
  • Final dispatch.



Automates the process of creating shipping labels, tracking shipments, and managing deliveries. This streamlines the shipping process, saves time, and reduces errors.

Batch Traceability

The Batch Traceability module captures and records detailed information about the production process, materials used, and the movement of products within the supply chain.

Barcode solutions

A robust barcode system is essential to connect inventory to the rest of your business & production ecoystem.

Instead of buying third party inventory management software, HiFlow allows you to monitor all your inventory using one comprehensive software solution with one central source of data and a common easy-to-use operator interface.


  • Inventory Serial Number Tracking
  • Inventory Lot Tracking / Batch/Lot
Barcode Management

HiFlow automates inventory systems with a robust Barcode module. Automate product identification, and get extremely fast recognition and implementation of data.

Inside the Warehouse

Eliminate mis-picks at the beginning of the fulfillment process.

Increase speed and efficiency in pick and pack, box packing and palletizing with HiFlow’s warehouse modules.

Pick & Pack

Increase picking and packing speed, with fewer picking and packing errors, means less cost and faster fulfillment.

Packing Wizard

Take the guesswork out of selecting a box. Quickly give packers the optimal box and increase the speed of fulfillment.

Palletizing Wizard

Simplifies and automates the creation of efficient pallet configurations, ensuring products are packed in a way that minimizes wasted space, maximizes stability.

Get a warehouse solution that knows your packaging business and scales with you

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