Sales & customer
service solutions

Data at your fingertips for FAST estimating and job creation

Drive superior customer relationships
And improve communications management


Get jobs moving quickly by turning inquiries into quotes with just a few clicks. Then turn your entire estimate into a visual diagram of the entire production process.

Product Inventory

Get efficient and accurate product delivery, streamline the stock-taking process and automate the generation of delivery documents.

Workflow Template

Creates predefined frameworks for any type of product. Helps Estimating automate estimates and ensure that the estimate is compatible with existing workflow capabilities.

Build quotes in just a few clicks. Get jobs into production FAST.

HiFlow’s powerful estimating system is able to turn an inquiry into an estimate in just a few clicks using the modules within the HiFlow system.


  • Connect to HiFlow’s live data network. Instantly see accounts, past quotes, shipping info, inventory levels, and vendors-in real time.
  • Choose the best layout options FAST with HiFlow’s built in imposition module.
  • HiFlow’s visual job workflow populates in an instant, speeding the job into planning & production.

Access imposition
& design for FAST

Using HiFlow’s built in Package Design and Packaging Imposition modules, Estimators create in minutes what normally takes hours…

FEFCO and ECMA Libraries are included.


Visualize the packaging design using various materials or textures; dynamically create packaging designs that include elements of thickness and type of material.


Bring the speed and power of imposition of HiFlow’s Imposition module to your estimators and make turnaround by prepress and estimating faster and more cost effective.

An instant VISUAL
production workflow
for your job

See your quote turn into a visual diagram of the entire production process with HiFlow’s visible workflow including:

  • Job materials
  • Job documents
  • Production processes
  • Machines, equipment
  • Personnel

A production manager can quickly access any aspect of the workflow. A shop floor worker can SEE the entire workflow on ONE SCREEN, which can be projected on shop wall monitors.


It’s a visual chart of the entire job workflow, from pre-press through production. On one screen, users see the machines, materials, processes and people involved in a job…

Schedule Viewer

Display real time production schedule data on large monitors on your shop floor! View job priority, due date, job numbers, by machine, or department.

It’s all about the CUSTOMER

  • One central source of data
  • One set of customer details
  • Lots of satisfied customers

Ensure customer success with a single customer view that enables better communication, uncovers sales opportunities, and drives more revenue. Give your CSRs the tools they need for a clear competitive advantage.

Customer Database

The Customer Database manages and stores customer-related information facilitating effective customer management and communication.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is a centralized platform that empowers customers, enhances their engagement, and allows them to manage their relationship with the company.

Gain insights into deals you’ve won


Drive more leads into your pipeline

Equip your sales team with the data they need to uncover insights about existing customers, identifying the most profitable ones and those who might need a nudge to purchase more from you.

  • Automate sales tasks and manage new sales opportunities.
  • View sales performance in HiFlow’s analytics dashboards.
  • Access account details, invoicing, job status, shipping, quote data, and email communications in real-time.
  • Integrate with Salesforce, NetSuite, and other sales ERPs.

Customer Service

The Customer Service module provides CSRs with easy and fast access to the information needed to understand and quickly resolve customers’ problems.

Sales Planning

Determine the most profitable customers, and products and access predictive planning and sales forecasting.

Increase sales by managing customer experiences with fast quotes & customer service automation

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