MIS Financial

Streamline and accelerate your financial management processes with automation

Connect business
systems to one central source of data

No more data silos. Connect your financial management processes to the rest of your business and production ecosystem with HiFlow’s MIS.

HiFlow’s shop floor data collection solution (MES) ensures accurate up-to-the-minute data for faster processing of financials.

Automation streamlines financials —documents are automatically populated with job information for error-free (and fast) processing.

Add visibility and speed to your supply chain

Buyer and supplier information is consolidated for FAST fulfillment and delivery of material orders with HiFlow’s EDI portal.


  • Automate document management.
  • Receive information on supplier delivery dates.
  • Store electronic sales and delivery documents.
  • Access information in real time through Dashboards.
EDI Buyer Integration

An EDI Buyer Integration simplifies the purchasing process and reduces the time it takes to fulfill orders.

EDI Supplier Integration

Streamline the procurement process and get real-time access to supplier information.

Improve Procurement

Make your procurement process secure, auditable and fast.

Manage and control purchasing costs for raw materials.
HiFlow can fully automate the purchase requisition process – from purchase request to purchase approval in real time.

HiFlow connects to and enhances your existing accounting systems. Easily integrate with third-party software such as SAGE, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, and other popular accounting software.

Forecast your future procurement needs.


Streamline the purchasing process through automated workflows and electronic approvals, including purchasing raw materials, goods/services from suppliers.

Purchase Order Management

Streamline requisitions, purchasing and receiving.

Automate the process for creating purchase order requests, routing request for approvals, and then dispatching the purchase order to the vendor.

Three-way matching (PO, Invoice, Packing Slip).

• Multi-user & multi-location support.
• Payment order/remittance advice.
• Purchase order acknowledgment.
• Purchase order change request.

Purchase Order Management

Automates and manages the complete PO life cycle, helping organizations efficiently create, manage, and track purchase orders.


Automatically update payment data, generate invoices, and maintain accurate financial records.


Automates payment reconciliation and streamlines payment processing by automating payment reconciliation and reducing manual data entry.

Close Financials Faster. 

Invoicing & Payments Automation

Manage invoice processing and payments, saving time, increasing control, and accelerating financial processes.


  • Eliminate data entry with auto-population of job info into financial documents.
  • Total visibility from POs to payments.
  • Track buyer credits and overdue notices in real time.
  • Three-way matching (Invoice, Purchase Order, Packing Slip).
  • Eliminate duplicate payments with vendor payments automation.

Learn how HiFlow 4.0 helps your CFO and procurement, purchasing and accounting teams automate processes to accelerate financial

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