How can benchmarking drive profitability in your plant?


What You Will Learn:

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How to determine the fixed costs, variable costs, labor costs, and contribution margin of your equipment and services 

Improving your pricing strategy by avoiding low margin orders and winning high profit orders

How to capture real costs in the production process through automating data collection

Data visualization and business intelligence to drive efficiency and profits

Benchmarking the effectiveness of your production workflow

Benchmarking your labor, factory, and overhead costs and rates against other organizations

How can this training video help your business? If you don’t know your costs, you’re lost.


Are you able to quickly benchmark your costs against the industry?  

Can you do it in a matter of seconds without causing any delays for your business, which could potentially result in lost sales? With today’s volatile economy, printing organizations must be armed with the best possible information and tools to sustain the business and support future growth. The latest industry budgeted hourly rates and cost analysis software is one of the most valued tools for our industry.

It is all about data


How can we steer clear of errors and time drains linked to manual data collection in production? Simply relying on automated data collection isn’t sufficient anymore. What you truly need is a swift and precise comparison between planned and actual production costs, customized exacty to your shop floor processes and your needs. To navigate towards optimal decisions, visualizing data becomes paramount. It’s about strategizing how, where, and when to allocate resources for maximum efficiency.

And by incorporating top industry benchmarks into the mix, you’re poised to elevate your operational management to the next level of managing your operations.

Don’t miss out on unlocking the true insights into your costs.