Free Imposition Application 

  • Create cost-effective layouts
  • Automate prepress imposition
  • Fast turnaround for estimates

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Free Imposition Application – a fully functional standalone imposition application that guides users through every step of the imposition process. Free unlimited use.
Application for Windows 10 and higher

  1. Fill out the form below and click the submit button.
  2. Install the application from the Microsoft Store.
  3. During the installation process, you will be asked for a license key. You will receive it at the email address you provided during the registration process in 24h.

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Give your estimators
a game-changing tool that greatly accelerates your quoting process!

Time-saving: Get quotes out FAST

It all about TIME. HiFlow IMP reduces the time spent on layout so quotes get to Sales lightning fast! Estimators can use the app independently of CAD and prepress departments-taking the waiting time out of the estimating process. 

Cost-effective: Get the best, most optimized layout.

HiFlow IMP gives you the best and smartest layout , optimizing material resources, speeding up the process for prepress, minimizing waste and saving money for your packaging company.

Free of charge: Use HiFlow IMP for free, for an unlimited time.

Yes, get all the robust features offered in the app, a fully functional and stand alone app (not a plug-in). For free

Hundreds of Standard Packaging Templates: Use the app’s templates for fast estimating.

What’s included is FEFCO and ECMA template libraries with the industry’s most common layouts for swift calculation and design.

Custom Packaging Calculations: Impose even your more complex jobs

Generate customized quotes even those that are non-standard. Get those customized quotes out quickly and win the job!

User-Friendly, Intuitive Interface: No need for long hours of training

HiFlow IMP has a simple and intuitive interface that even those not familiar with imposition can understand.

Proven Marketing Strategy: Get that quote to the customer FIRST, and get the job!

Being the first to send a client an estimate most often leads to securing the job. Download the app today to win more clients.

Instantly Accelerate Workflow: Get faster, more accurate quotes

It only takes a few minutes to get a quote ready. Estimators can quickly evaluate the best way to lay-out a job using the tools HiFlow IMP provides. Download the app and instantly accelerate your estimating process.

Free Imposition

Yes, a fully functional and standalone app (not a plug-in).

Register now and receive a license key for free unlimited use with no expiration date.

So download the app today!

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