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Printmax, an international company with nearly 100 employees, has been in business for more than 20 years. It specializes in producing complex packaging products for the food and pharmaceutical industries, along with point of purchase materials. When it needed to improve its dated workflow with a state-of-the art MIS system, Printmax chose HiFlow Solutions. Artur Szor co-owner said, “In order to improve relationships with key clients, we selected and implemented the integrated HiFlow MIS system, which we find best suits our needs and our clients’ expectations.” 

The number of errors in our mcompany has certainly decreased. By automating processes and defining the work parameters in the system, we have made significant progress in this respect.”

Printmax builds success with HiFlow

One product, universal application Prior to implementing HiFlow MIS, Printmax used a variety of stitched-together solutions for valuation and production management. The approach created information silos and a disjointed production system. Printmax now uses only one MIS system that integrates all its production workflows, improves productivity, and boosts ROI.

Transparent process makes job planning easy 

The HiFlow system automatically builds a production workflow diagram for each job, based on process needed to produce a given job. Technicians can see and track all aspects of the process as the job moves through production and can dig down for greater details as required. This level of information is unavailable in many other systems. With its intuitive user interface and easy-to-use functions, HiFlow MIS makes it possible to correctly calculate and plan very complicated projects, such as POP displays, with ease and timeliness.

I can certainly say that
thanks to HiFlow, our company now bypasses any previous manual processes and we efficiently manage
our entire production cycle.

Real time analysis saves time

With HiFlow MIS, managers and operators receive immediate information on the progress of individual jobs directly from equipment. Prior to installing HiFlow, information generated by the shop-floor equipment required additional data collection by personnel and then had to be re-entered to render it useable for further analysis. The process did not provide immediate feedback and wasted time for staff and the company.

Die tracking trims make ready times 

One of the HiFlow features that Printmax managers particularly appreciated is the module that tracks die management. The system provides real-time information about the state of each die, where it’s stored, and tracks the die’s progress based on information from production. It also provides information such as mechanical dimensions, types, quantities, and the condition of dies, in order to save time needed to prepare them for a job. Makeready time is reduced significantly because dies are where they should be and easily accessible for a job.

Total job estimating and tracking

The HiFlow system quickly calculates estimates based on predefined production templates throughout the workflow. Data on individual operations—printing, die cutting, laminating—allows estimators to easily calculate the exact cost of production for any number of job parameters. The system then allows managers to track jobs from estimate and order intake to production, shipping and invoicing using an extensive multi-level approval mechanism. For example, HiFlow allows Printmax to conveniently schedule job production based on project management (Gantt) charts. The production flow, stage of each job, and operational efficiency of equipment and operators are captured directly from the production floor in real-time. Every single aspect of a job’s workflow can be tracked by managers, from estimating to scheduling to invoicing.

Digital information platform delivers in real time

The HiFlow system has enabled Printmax to implement ​​a paperless office, where all information is now stored and managed in digital format. The Printmax management board has insight into the entire production and economic situation in real time with HiFlow’s specially developed custom dashboards. Any information is always only a click away and ready to be acted on if necessary.

The Benefits of Partnering
with HiFlow Solutions

We implement – fast. The HiFlow system combines MIS and MES software with easy ERP integration.

We fill your ERP gaps. By optimizing ERP systems with MIS and MES features required for packaging and label printing.

We create automated environments. With seamless connections from order intake to shipping and invoicing.

We feed you data. With insights from real time, critical information from your production shop floor, personnel, and equipment.

We let you see. From smart scheduling to nested layouts to workflow diagrams, instantly see where you stand within the job.

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