Commercial Printing

Production specifics

Commercial production is responsible for the widest range of products offered on the printing market. The products range includes simple posters, leaflets or maps as well as more complex products such as punched folders, saddle-stitched or perfect bound brochures.
Machine facilities of commercial print houses currently contain all technologies available on the market. They include traditional offset presses, UV equipped presses as well as Waterless offset presses. High quality of today’s commercial production forces the print house owners to purchase various types of print finishing machines such as coaters, laminators, foilers etc. The standard equipment of each bindery is also worth mentioning, e.g. trimmers, folding machines or binding lines which cannot be missed here.
The list of raw materials used for printing commercial products nowadays is also extremely long. Apart from the most standard substrates, any types of PVC and PET foil should be named as well as lenticular foil or previously metallized backgrounds.

Problems and Challenges

Print enhancement starting from already standard is UV coating to embossing, foiling or applying special manual operations ordered by the customer are a challenge both for the persons preparing calculations and for the technologists.
The main problem of commercial print houses not only in Poland but also all over the World is the necessity of delivering many highest quality products to many customers and in the shortest possible time. The additional factor complicating this task is very low profitability of the orders which forces the print houses without management systems which do not optimize their production to generate loss and causes their dropping out of market.
Many firms offering solutions in the form of web shops promise the print house owners that orders will come from everywhere. What remains unsaid is that the profit on a single order is very low and the orders scale effect may cause high losses due to complaints or ignorance as to whether the order brings profit or loss. Therefore, it is so important that a print house and its management are supported by an integrated management system.

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