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Management Software for Label Printers

For over 23 years, HiFlow MIS software end-to-end management information system for label converters with comprehensive tools that automate packaging workflow and business processes so companies can compete more effectively in the marketplace, maintain faster and leaner production times, and increase margins of profit.

HiFlow takes a consultative approach 

to providing flexible business management solutions for the printing and packaging industries.

HiFlow’s consultative approach seeks to understand your packaging company’s unique set of challenges, problems, and needs FIRST.

Then, our goal is to build a positive relationship by solving packaging and label industry problems–from modernization and expansion of your business to inventory and factory logistics, scheduling functionality, to workflow and production issues. We sell a solution, not a product.


HiFlow is an international company, with company headquarters in Miami with a large team of software developers based in Poland. HiFlow Solutions is a Microsoft Silver Partner and our development team has assisted over 100 print and packaging industry clients successfully grow, scale, and optimize their businesses.

HiFlow delivers comprehensive solutions for all aspects of a business including:

Sales and customer management

Production preparation & scheduling

Warehouse management


Business operations

Business analytics

We offer a comprehensive MIS/MES Management Information System

For label and flexo – and ensure that it works seamlessly with your existing software.

No more data siloes. HiFlow integrates the ERPs, software and apps in your existing technology stack. Connect your entire business ecosystem with one central database.

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We configure our technology to fit your unique label manufacturing needs

HiFlow’s core management information system can be configured to suit your unique requirements. This is not custom development that you pay extra for, but the way we treat each customer – as a unique business that will be a unique install.

Based on your preference for the hosting and database, we can recommend the appropriate solutions that fit your current infrastructure and process. You can start small, with only the core-essentials, and then add features later.

Workflow study and ROI evaluation

Workflow study and ROI evaluation: Uncover the communication gaps and organizational problems that are costing you money. We take our team on-site to help understand and evaluate your business, then provide you will an ROI study. Find out more.

Label Converting Challenges

  The label and flexo markets are very competitive.

In labels and flexographic printing, a revolution is going on. Labels, and other sectors in packaging, have experienced intense changes and growth in the last few years. In addition, the pandemic has emphasized that technology is absolutely essential to optimize business processes and practices. By the end of the 2020s, label companies will move toward automation to remain competitive.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics customers are fiercely demanding,

Label production of any kind is challenging and exacting, requiring the manufacturer to maintain records and traceability in order to meet thorough standards set by demanding customers. Pharmaceutical labeling, however, just might be the most demanding of all. The discipline required to produce pharmaceutical labels is exceptionally high. The challenge of the manufacturer is maintaining compliance in the strict regulatory environment. Traceability is essential.

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Make sure your MIS vendor has the tools your need to stay compliant.

HiFlow MIS
Label Printing Software

HiFlow Solutions has developed a system designed specifically for label and packaging producers to help them function more effectively at every stage of the process from estimation and CSR, to scheduling and production, logistics, warehousing, and quality control.

All departments can access real time information from HiFlow’s powerful database, including accounting, purchasing and sales.

What makes an ideal software for label converters?

At the core of our system is our exclusive workflow diagram that offers real workflow visibility of the production process, even the most complex packaging or POP product.

Scheduling—simplified. Workflow diagrams easily show the sequence of events in the progress of the job, so scheduling every process is a cinch.

Harmoniously coordinate procedure paths that ensure everything is compliant with standards adopted by the company i.e., ISO 9001, FDA, USDA, GMP and others.

A licensing model based on our customer’s REAL SAVINGS–the result of HiFlow Solutions system implementation before/after comparisons.

Our CRM module makes visible to management all interactions between prospects and sales, customers and sales, and customers and customer service.

Our Customer Portal allows REAL TIME updates of, for example, Proof Out/Proof Approved to customers and company personnel.

Cost tracking in REAL TIME. Our software tracks real material consumption, shop floor data and supplier connectivity, i.e., if a supplier’s price goes up or down, estimating and purchasing will see the data in REAL TIME.

Greater profitability in areas of production by recording REAL TIME data. Management now has visibility of metrics gathered by the software allowing informed decisions, such as necessary employee training, or machine repair/ maintenance/ replacement

Not just one, but a team of dedicated implementation specialists will insure a faster Go Live. Our team is printing professionals, each versed in specialty areas of packaging, label production and all types of commercial printing. 

Fast order processing. Conversion from estimate to job is quick, as calculations and workflow diagrams are brought live for customer service, planning, scheduling, shop floor in REAL TIME

Upgrading Your Technology?

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