Transition Your Packaging Company to Industry 4.0

    HiFlow 4.0: MIS and MES Solutions for Packaging Manufacturers – Folding Carton, Flexible Packaging

    Automation and “Smart” Data.

    HiFlow 4.0 MIS/MES

    Leveraging Industry 4.0 technology in an MIS and MES solutions brings vastly improved workflow efficiencies, significant cuts in unplanned downtime, and ‘smart’ scheduling.

    HiFlow 4.0 creates a completely dynamic workflow that increases productivity and provides for smooth packaging & label operations from beginning to end.

    HiFlow 4.0 connects data from IoT and MES in real time that drives business intelligence so owners can make operational, real-time data driven decisions.

    HiFlow provides warehouse management tools that provide inventory review, batch traceability and barcode solutions that optimize warehouse operations. Even with multiple warehouse locations.

    HiFlow’s MIS and MES solutions give you deep data – in real time. Users get real time visibility into machine and equipment processes.

    Work Smarter with Smart Tools

    What was once a labor intensive process is now automated with HiFlow’s Imposition Module.This new feature incorporates ECMA, FEFCO and Smart Box libraries, bringing the speed and power of imposition, HiFlow’s design and imposition module makes turnaround by prepress and estimating faster and more cost effective.

    Ask us how HiFlow MIS and MES solutions can help you supercharge your workflow, automate manual processes and give you insights into operations.

    A VISUAL guide to job information.

    One screen shows all your job data. One click gets you to more levels of data. No more opening multiple documents to get the job information you need.

    Comprehensive. Visible. Compliant. Built for packaging manufacturers.

    HiFlow MIS
    HiFlow system

    Feature-rich, built from the ground up, HiFlow sets new standards for what businesses should expect from MIS and MES solutions, specifically:

    • A comprehensive end-to-end business, production and post-production management system
    • All your software and apps connected & integrated into one single source of data
    • Over 70 modules available that can be tailored to exactly fit your business
    • Know what a job ACTUALLY costs – analytics that compare estimated, production, shop floor data
    • Features that ensure compliance to regulatory demands; robust quality control
    • Production tracking – inventory tracking – sales tracking
    • Fast Estimating – instantly create complete workflows when quote becomes a job
    • Know your WIP – integrated warehousing & procurement of raw materials/ finished goods
    • VISIBLE workflow – one screen shows all job processes, machines, materials
    • Smart automation saves time throughout the packaging workflow. The result? More jobs with fewer resources!

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    With 23 years serving the segments of this industry, we have over 5,500 users and over 120 customers internationally. Want to know more? Read our case studies.

    About HiFlow MIS and MES Solutions

    HiFlow believes you are not just a customer – we consider you a partner and commit to supporting you as we navigate the technological journey of this coming decade together.

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