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Get Speed, Productivity and Cost Control with an ERP/MIS for Commercial Printers

Changes bring new opportunities

The world of print is changing – and it is happening with increasing speed. Jobs are more complex, more personalized, with customer demands which stretch the limits of a printer’s creativity and technology.

Turnaround times are shorter, and printers are finding themselves becoming “one-stop shops” for their customers in order to keep them. Many commercial printers are adding other capabilities to keep brands happy. In a NAPCO survey of nearly 250 commercial printers surveyed, 40% stated they either have added label printing capabilities or are considering it, 37% of commercial printers eying folding cartons, 32% exploring flexible packaging, and 29% considering corrugated.


How can PSPs   integrate  all of the plant and business demands of being that one-stop shop for customers?

Add Automation to Print Workflows

Investing in technology and automation with HiFlow Solutions reduces the potential for human error, and helps you produce more jobs in less time, with fewer resources, and gives you visibility into business and production processes.

In addition, HiFlow’s MIS can integrate your commercial shop with packaging/label workflows.

Implementation –
Easy and Fast

When selecting a Print MIS, one of the most important considerations is the implementation process. You want to ensure you are working with a software vendor that will support you through the implementation. You are not alone – our team works with you on site and stays connected until everyone is on board and comfortable with the software. With HiFlow’s compatibility to Microsoft tools, it’s easy for most personnel to absorb the new processes. After a very short period, your team will notice the speed and ease of the new software system.

From employee training to technical support, your relationship should be a partnership, and as your needs change, your software vendor ensures the print MIS system changes with you. HiFlow for Print achieves this with scalable solutions that future proof your print business.


More ways an MIS/ERP
for Print helps PSPs

  Decrease time to invoice

HiFlow’s print workflow software offers productivity in many areas.

  • Estimating times cut in half, while overall volume increases.
  • Production planning times are drastically shortened due to HiFlow’s exclusive Workflow Diagram.
  • Job ticketing, routing and scheduling time is decreased; jobs are tracked from order through invoicing
  • Invoices are generated by HiFlow’s system, error-free, and go out within 24 hours of job completion.
  • Shorten the time from order to payment with print workflow software from HiFlow.

Daily Oversight

An MIS/MES for print is like hiring a day-to-day manager whose only job is to keep a close eye on jobs, production processes, machines and inventory. Where is your job? Refer to the Workflow Diagram. What about inventory levels? Through the barcoding module you know real time inventory. What are your costs? Get all costing data through HiFlow’s configurable dashboards. Right now.

Improved Processes

A fully-featured print management software speeds up employees’ work by automating all processes that can be automated. By turning user tasks, machines, materials, documents into digital workflows, your employees can work quickly and efficiently.

Optimize Your Warehouse

Get materials to production FAST with real time warehouse visibility. Know precisely where inventory is located, and get detailed physical inventory data and real time quantities.

Track Your Jobs

HiFlow’s comprehensive features track all aspects of a job’s production. With visibility through the Workflow Diagram, traceability of each job, and the deep data collected across your business ecosystem, HiFlow for Print has you covered for those quality control and compliance issues.

HiFlow for Print can assess print costs accurately–by comparing data from the estimate to production cost to actual cost. That data is then instantly accessible through our dashboards.

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