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Manufacturing Execution System


This module has been specially designed for mobile devices and allows to register production events. Operator may register production operations, breaks and errors that occur during the production. It also allows to register materials used for completion of each technological operation as well as tools used in the production process.

• Compare estimated and real production times;
• Compare estimated and real efficiency rates;
• Analysis of any machinery problems and production errors reported by the operators.


This module is used for advanced registration of production completion and therefore has been designed for PC workstations. Aside from any functionalities available in simplified operator panel module, it allows to register working time for assistants and to preview any documents related to a specific order. A foreman is able to track production operations completed by each employee and to adjust any incorrect input data.

• Efficiency analysis for machines and employees;
• Team and shift management;
• Better discipline and work quality in production;
• Control material usage rate and operation performance time rate;
• Implement individual rewards for work performed by each employee;


This module allows to model detailed quality process at a production level. It also allows to develop quality control plans and to define KPIs to be achieved as a part of a specific control procedure as well as to register any quality events. The quality control plan is created according to the company quality policy and specific requirements of customers.

• Reduction of losses and customer complaints;
• Better management of human resources, machinery and materials;
• Comparing production results with assumed quality standards;
• Constant improvement of production quality;


This module allows to mark and identify materials and semi-finished products at each production stage. The tracking process begins with marking rolls in raw material stock, and continues with identifying materials in production, ending with identifying products in the warehouse. Thus, it provides complete knowledge regarding origin of materials used to manufacture any finished product. The module functionality ensures that a unique ID is assigned to each material, semi-finished product and finished product.

• Identification of any defective product batch;
• Faster preparation of materials for production;
• Faster preparation of shipments for customers;
• Faster response to customer complaints;
• Faster submission of complaints to raw material supplier.