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Production Planning System


This module provides the tools that allow to technologically correct production scheduling with realistic timing, thus increasing performance of any workstation. One of its important functions is the identification and therefore reduction - or even elimination - of production bottlenecks. Additional advantages include visualization of scheduled production, quick and easy access to information required for correct planning, and variety of formats to be used. The aforementioned features ensure process optimization and provide with the possibility to simulate plan versions with optimum time or optimum costs. It also allows to analyze plan performance and to implement real-time corrections.

• Automation of production planning and plan updating processes;
• Optimization of performance parameters for production operations;
• Controlling deadline compliance and possible delays in production plan performance on a daily basis;
• Reduction/elimination of bottlenecks;
• Transparent and complete management of working time and production capacities;
• Downtime minimization;
• Lower changeover time due to possibility to form sequences of technological operations with similar parameters;


This module allows to track plan performance in real-time, using large screens located throughout the company. Thus, it provides the company with possibility to pinpoint any reported downtime and errors as well as any resulting delays in production plan.

• Shorter response to any production downtime;
• Warning of any missed deadline;
• Tracking order progress during each technological operation;


This module allows to schedule product deliveries to customers. It provides warehouse staff with information necessary to prepare shipments to be transported to customers.

• Lower transport costs through optimum combination of shipments;
• Better delivery timing;
• Elimination of any errors in customer deliveries;


This module allows to record any maintenance break or periodical repair for each machine. Thus, any maintenance break is included in the production plan and performed according to necessary procedures.

• Ensured completion of any scheduled machinery maintenance break;
• Lower machine failure rate;
• Higher predictability of the production process;