Warehouse Management System


This module is crucial to ensure the quality and effectiveness of logistic processes. It allows to coordinate and supervise the raw material flow, ensuring timely completion of production orders. Materials are identified by appropriate use of barcodes. Due to digitisation and computerisation of stock management, the concept of Just in Time delivery is more and more relevant. In this case, any change of material status or its stock value automatically triggers appropriate corrective action. Automation of stock processes may also be assisted by direct integration of IT systems used by raw material suppliers with the Supplier Integration module.

• Automated material reception with barcodes.
• Reduction of inventory, losses and any “frozen capital”.
• Automatic generation of Goods Received Note and Material Pickup.
• Easy and quick access to information regarding materials in stock, their delivery and pickup for production.
• Automated inventory process.
• Possibility to handle several physical and virtual material stocks in a single company or a group of companies, e.g. consignment warehouses.
• Raw material order management


This module allows to manage ink recipes by controlling component consumption and ink stock values. It includes an option to schedule ink mixing, thus ensuring appropriate amount of ink supplied in due time. Using barcodes allows to automate mixing process and reduce potential errors.

• Less complaints resulting from errors in colour selection.
• Shorter time for machine preparation.
• Elimination of costs related to purchase and storage of surplus amount of ink for a specific order.
• Ensuring colour selection consistency in any continued product.
• Control of real costs of ink for each order.
• Identification of ink batches used for each order.


This module supports quality and effectiveness of delivery processes. It allows for a high inventory turnover. Products in stock are identified by appropriate use of barcodes.

• Automated product delivery using barcodes.
• Automatic generation of delivery documents.
• Automated stock-taking process.
• Possibility to handle a number of physical and virtual material stocks in a single company or a group of companies, e.g. management of warehouses --located at customer premises.
• Automated product call by a customer.


This module is used to handle pallet space in high storage warehouse. This module works on both PC terminals and barcodes. Internal pallet logistics is automated by using barcode reader.

• Ordering pallet transport tasks to forklift operators.
• Tracking and accounting of working time of forklift operators.
• Automated raw material reception using barcode reader via scanning of supplier pallet labels.


This module allows transport scheduling by the type of transport and deadlines. The available map function allows easily group transports and plan a route includes traffic restrictions. Integration with courier services allows for quick quote and courier orders.

• Shorter transport scheduling time
• Automatic route calculation and travel time
• Simple courier order