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Our Solutions


HiFlow combines MIS and MES solutions with easy ERP integration to complete the system that you already have.


Our Industries

HiFlow was born on the packaging and printing shop floor, that is why it is so well tailored and integrated with machines.

What Clients say

  • Our company was never afraid of investing in the newest technological solutions as we know that only they will allow us to provide our customers with the appropriate level of service that provides them with an advantage over their competitors. The implementation of the HiFlow system allowed for, among others, the increase of the quality of customer service, shorter order processing times, and the continuation of the harmonious development of the company.

  • The integrated HiFlow system is a tool for the control of the flow of information in the company. It simplifies supervision over the processing of orders at individual stages of production. By identifying every pallet location and every batch of materials using barcodes, the system also improved the operation of the high storage warehouse in our company.

Some facts about HiFlow

  • Control of salesmen's activity => increase in revenues 6%
  • Automate customer service => increase in customer satisfaction index 12%
  • Knowledge of real material consumption => cost reduction4%
  • Knowledge of real performance => increase in profitability of production18%
  • Enforcing compliance with procedures => increasing a quality 23%

The packaging and printing business earn money on the production floor that is why you need HiFlow.


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