Flexible software
solutions for packaging
and label printers
Flexible software
solutions for packaging
and label printers

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It’s a big decision…

New software can bring a wealth of benefits, but it is also a big investment — in money, time, implementation and employee training. At HiFlow, we know how complex buying a system is because we have helped over 100 customers worldwide make this important decision.

We can help

HiFlow offers consultation services to help you every stage of the process. We make sure you get the solutions you need to drive revenue.


What is HiFlow?

HiFlow designs software and solutions for these industries:

We are MIS and packaging industry consultants.

For over 20 years, we have helped packaging, label and commercial printers through their growing pains and onto profitability. We offer consultation on everything from modernization and expansion of your business, to inventory and factory logistics, and scheduling functionality. We will help you increase efficiency and productivity in all aspects of your workflow and your business.

We are software development experts.

One of the big reasons companies look for custom business software development services is that they’ve found prepackaged software doesn’t fully meet their needs, implementation is a nightmare and takes forever.
HiFlow is different. Our team consists of highly skilled developers who are also thoroughly versed in packaging, label and print. A HiFlow solution meets your needs. Exactly.
Get the information, the skills and the tools you need to propel your company forward. All at your own pace.
Get HiFlow.

  • Artur Szor
    In order to improve relationships with key clients, we selected and implemented the integrated HiFlow MIS system, which we find best suits our needs and our clients' expectations.
    Artur Szor
    Co-owner of Printmax
  • Romuald Kowalczyk
    The HiFlow system has simplified the process of tracking products from production using barcode readers while ensuring their full traceability and eliminating manual document entry, which can generate costly mistakes.
    Romuald Kowalczyk
    head of implementation at Koopress

5 ways HiFlow soothes your packaging aches

*of course there are more than 5 ways, and we’d be happy to share them with you!
01. We understand packaging and labels…with over 20 YEARS of honing our product to meet our customers’ needs
02. HiFlow software integrates with ALL ERPs
03. Fluid Implementation based onour unique methodology ensures.Yes. Implementation can be easy and quick! Ask us how…
04. Process COMPLEX jobs that demand perfection and meet exacting industry standards
05. Our team of developers, software engineers and systems analysts can CUSTOMIZE your HiFlow solution so you get the perfect fit.

Discover flexible label
and packaging software solutions.

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